FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does SISTech fit into the College of Business at SJSU?

SISTech "lives" in the space that intersects technology and business. We are housed in the College of Business where all undergraduates earn a BS in Business Administration. SISTech is one of the concentrations that students select within that degree, just like Finance, Accounting or Marketing but SISTech has its own department, found in BT 250, just off the elevator lobby. We invite you to stop by and learn more.

What kind of jobs are there in SISTech? Haven't they all been outsourced to other countries?

SISTech professionals work as systems analysts, project managers, systems administrators, etc., communicating directly with staff and management across the organization - challenging and stimulating jobs - and the interpersonal communication required means they can't be outsourced the way pure technical jobs like computer programming have been. Indeed, last year our SISTech graduates had the highest salaries offered among all the business concentrations - higher than accounting, finance, marketing, management - all the rest. Our SISTech grads are working at HP, Google, eBay & Cisco, etc.

What is the SISTech concentration like?

SISTech students take all the same "core" business courses as any business major - intro to marketing, accounting, finance, etc. - but they also learn database, networking, systems analysis, application development, project management, etc. There's even a "practicum" course - that means you try out your skills and knowledge on a real project for a real sponsor such a the City of SJ Parks Department, for example. There are also MIS electives in mobile computing, web computing and information security, to name a few.

What about the SISTech faculty?

Our faculty of twenty (seven women) include graduates from the top SISTech academic concentrations in the country, such as U of Az, Claremont, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech, along with practicing SISTech professionals from IBM, Cisco, Accenture and others. Three of our faculty have won College of Business awards for Best Instructor of the Year and another was recognized by the SJSU campus for the highest achievement in Community Service Learning (student teams partner with local non-profits, learning as they help enrich the community - the MIS dept as a whole has also been recognized for this initiative.) All are caring, dedicated teachers and just good people, too.

For example, at last spring's SJSU Day of Service, 9 business faculty showed up to volunteer - eight of them were from SISTech.

MIS faculty doing SJSU day of service

What is the job outlook for the SISTech profession?

According to the US Dept of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook: "Excellent" with job growth expected to be faster than the average for all occupations" at 17% industry-wide, from 2008-2018. Within the industry category most closely describing Silicon Valley, the rate is nearly 45%! See SISTech Jobs Overview for more.