Why MIS?

MIS Students

MIS is not an "easier" computer science or computer engineering program. MIS is business + technology, the ideal combination for Silicon Valley. It's about working with people to get them the information they need to do their jobs better/faster smarter. So you do learn about business and technology but there's a major communication component, too–you have to be able to talk to non-tech people, understand what they need and explain to them what you can do. That's why we say


MIS = biz * (info + tech + people)



The field is always changing with the technology and business innovation and the career opportunities are incredibly broad. Check out our job and placement overview page to see just how broad–there's a sample of job titles from our alumni. Our curriculum is well-designed. Our instructors are great–many have won teaching awards.

And our students get hired at Google, HP, Cisco, Apple, Brocade–all the high flying valley techs, as well as Alaska Airlines, Safeway and smaller companies like Financial Navigator because today every organization has to leverage information and technology. And they get the highest starting salaries of all the business concentrations, including Finance, Marketing, and Accounting.

(Download the latest SJSU Career Center's Salary Survey Results.pdf, pictured right).


Salary Survey Pdf

Our classes integrate state-of-the-art professional technologies, like IBM's Rational Software Modeler and Oracle's database and business intelligence tools. And we teach using technology–instructional technology like Elluminate–to enhance the experience, provide online access, and improve learning.

We integrate real-world projects into the concentration so you get hands-on experience with local community sponsors. And our unique, award-winning honors program gives the chance to work with other top students on a full-scale 9-month project, spanning two semesters.

Our MIS student association, MISA, is a large and active group, providing professional development and social opportunities as well as leadership development for those who want to get involved as officers.

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