Quantum Classrooms

SJSU-IBM Acceleration: Quantum Classrooms

One of the most exciting computing revolutions to impact tomorrow’s work and research is Quantum Computing. With cloud access to IBM Q, SJSU students are already getting hands-on experience in quantum environments, giving them a skill advantage over peers from other institutions when they graduate.

Dr. Ehsan Khatami, a computational physics professor in SJSU’s Physics and Astronomy Department, has taught quantum theory in the classroom for years. But since quantum computing is still an experimental, emerging technology, his instruction has been limited to just that -- theory. In Spring 2020, that changed when Dr. Khatami included IBM Q in his curriculum. Thanks to the SJSU-IBM strategic partnership, he can now offer his students a space for practical applications of quantum computing. His students are testing their advanced physics calculations on IBM Q facilities and submitting their results for conferences and publications instead of being limited to theoretical discussion. 

Dr. Hilary Hurst, an assistant professor in SJSU’s Physics and Astronomy Department, hosted a virtual workshop on quantum computing in May for her students. She worked with SJSU IT to invite an IBM quantum computing expert to present during her workshop, giving her students direct access to a global leader on the subject. In Fall 2020, Dr. Hurst has started getting her undergraduate students hands-on experience through the SJSU-IBM portal.

In a competitive job market, being able to prepare our students for work with tomorrow’s technologies gives them a leg up. Access leads to opportunity.