Digital Transformation

Our transformative vision for San Jose State University propels every decision we make. By leveraging our location in Silicon Valley to build industry partnerships and bring enterprise tools to campus, we’re making SJSU a leader in high education technology. Incorporating technology into the everyday experience of our university’s students, faculty, and staff should make their lives easier and empower them to lead fulfilling academic and professional careers.

Digital Transformation Mission

Create a global reputation that positions SJSU as the safest campus in the country by utilizing cutting-edge initiatives and enterprise-grade technology solutions that put user experience at the forefront of a digital transformation for the university and its campus community.

Five Megatrends Strategy

  1. Data & Analytics: Instilling a data-driven culture enables every level of our university to make better decisions based on data instead of inherited beliefs and ineffective assumptions. Data allows us to challenge traditions that hold us back so we can focus on continuous improvements and real-world insights.
  2. Information & Physical Safety: Protecting data requires proactive measures that place usability and reliability at the forefront. We want SJSU to be the safest campus in the country, but we also want our security to be unobtrusive.
  3. Personalization: Placing service and ease-of-use as our central tenet puts the everyday emphasis of everything we do on our the users that make up our campus community. Technology should work for you.
  4. Technology as Competitive Advantage: Embracing new technologies that set us apart as a forward-thinking university adds value to the work our staff produce, the research our faculty undertake, and the success of our students and graduates.
  5. Digital & Social Media: Communication keeps our campus community aware of all the tools available to them and helps our Division stay transparent.