Sparta Awards

The 2022 SJSU IT Team Sparta Awards Winners with Bob Lim and Steve Perez

The IT Sparta Awards are given to one team and one individual each year to recognize those staff members who serve our campus with distinction and work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep SJSU amazing. They bring out the best in each other through a collaborative spirit, a commitment to innovations, and everyday leadership. They provide consistent and exceptional service, whether working with students or building something with a campus department.

"Our employees are our most valuable asset. Their skills, dedication, and commitment make them critical to our Division's success." - Bob Lim, VP of IT and CIO

Screenshot of a Zoom call with 2022 Individual Sparta Award Winner Marco Scardina, Bob Lim, and Steve Perez

Virtual Hall of Fame

The 2021 SJSU IT Sparta Awards Winners

The 2020 SJSU IT Sparta Awards Winners

The 2019 SJSU IT Sparta Awards Winners

The 2018 SJSU IT Sparta Awards Winners

Selection Criteria

  • Bringing out the Best - Collaboration, Innovation, and Everyday Leadership
  • Serving the Customer - Providing Consistent and Exceptional Service
  • Unsung Heroes - Working Behind the Scenes

Selection Process

  1. Department Directors solicit feedback from their teams for the award.
  2. Department Directors submit nominations to the IT Peer Consultation Team.
  3. The IT Peer Consultation Team reviews the submitted nominations and makes recommendations to Bob Lim.
  4. Sparta Awards presented to winners in December.

Every department in SJSU IT has the opportunity to nominate employees and department directors submit their selections directly to Bob Lim, the VP of Information Technology and CIO. Bob then works with a peer consultation group to choose the most outstanding project, program, team, or individual to win the award. The selection process is designed to raise up our employees, increasing the visibility of staff members who come to work every day and get it done.