Data Loss Prevention (Spirion)

(CSU Chancellor Mandate)

Spirion is a program that locates Protected Level 1 data in files such as Word, Excel, PDF, and other common file types. In addition to locating Protected Level 1 data, Spirion can perform actions on locations that contain Protected Level 1 data. Such actions include the ability to Shred (securely delete) and Redact (mask specific sensitive data) in order to protect yourself (or others) from identity theft.

Get Started

After a scan, a results window will pop up as shown here:

  1. Click “Advanced”

  2. Go through each match and choose between the following:

a) Shred, which securely and permanently deletes the file. This is a permanent action that cannot be undone.

b) Redact, which replaces or “masks” the sensitive data with dummy data. This is a permanent action that cannot be undone.

c) Ignore, which is for false positives -- your ignored matches will be remembered and will not need to be repeated in subsequent scans, in most instances.

Please note: Spirion was formerly known as "Identity Finder" - these terms are interchangeable.