Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analysis Service provides a repository of campus data and analytical dashboards on various subject areas that offer insightful analysis and data visualization capabilities.The current solution, Student Data Warehouse (SDW), is primarily sourced from PeopleSoft Campus Solution and Human Relations instances.


  • Faculty 
  • Staff


  • Robust tool for reports, dashboards, analytics and queries
  • Custom application integration to repository data
  • Enhances data integrity through single repository
  • Secure environment for data
  • Support of student success by providing meaningful, actionable data to advisors

Supporting Areas

  • Admissions
  • Advising Campaigns
  • Course Enrollment
  • Course Grade Distribution
  • Degree Audits
  • Enrollment Planning
  • Graduate Advising
  • Graduate Student Tracker
  • Graduation Applications
  • SmartPlanner
  • Student Profile
  • Student Success


Prior approved access to Student Data Warehouse

Requesting Service

Access to the SDW is provided on an individual request basis. All requests must be approved by your immediate manager (for users who are non-MPPs) and Data Stewards from respective subject areas.

To request access, open a help ticket. Once approval is granted, you will receive access details once the access is provisioned.



Support for SDW, submit your issue to Support for Student Data Warehouse at

For other questions, contact Ravi Pisupati, Email: