Video Conferencing Units

These conferencing units can be utilized as a video room system in a conference room or as a virtual meeting room. Users can join virtual meetings from their device and connect.

What You Need to Know

Division Video Conferencing Service provides high-quality, professional-grade video conferencing (VC) for Extended Classrooms, conference rooms, mobile presentation units and desktops using Cisco TelePresence technology and other equipment.

The service is internal and is used in VC-enabled locations throughout the campus.

Video Conferencing/Calling

Video conferencing or calling is available at VC-enabled locations.

Telepresence equipment includes:

  • Next-Generation Classrooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Mobile Presentation Units
  • Desktop Units
  • Presentation Sharing - You can share content from your laptop or desktop computer with both local and remote participants
  • Connecting to Zoom - You and any external participants can expand the capability of video conferencing by joining a Zoom conference using standard video conferencing equipment

Who Has Access

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff

What You Need to Do

Submit a help ticket request.

For “Reason” please enter: “Request for Mobile TelePresence Service”.

This request will be forwarded to the local tech team if the college or department already has the mobile telepresence unit.

Video Conferencing is available at any video conferencing-enabled location. If you do not have access to a VC-enabled location and want your locations to be enabled with this service, submit a help ticket request with the location and the desired timeline for service enablement.

Cost & Requirements


The Video Conferencing Service is a State-funded service and is offered at no additional cost for general-funded activities.

Requests to enable new locations for this service may require additional costs for design and installation.


The only requirement for the Video Conferencing Service is for users to schedule access to a Next-Generation Classroom, or request access to a Cisco TelePresence VC Mobile Unit deployed in several approved Colleges and administration offices on campus.

Support: Need Help or Have Questions

Submit a help ticket request.