iSupport is a complete help desk/service desk support solution. It helps you to perform functions such as creating and managing incidents, entering and searching for knowledge entries and FAQs, tracking assets, customers, and companies, sending surveys and generating reports. Our Service Desk edition includes incidents, changes, problems, purchase request, and opportunities management.

Accessing iSupport

You can access iSupport via the following:

  1. Support Representatives access iSupport via the Desktop.
  2. Customer access iSupport via mySupport portal to submit and view purchase requests, problems, and changes, browse and search for knowledge entries, view headlines and FAQs, and more.

Documentation on How to Use iSupport

Video Tutorials

Contact IT Service Desk

If you would like to get your department using iSupport, please call the IT Service Desk (408) 924-1530 or send an e-mail to