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Linkedin Learning is available at no charge to faculty, staff, and students with active SJSU credentials (SJSU ID and Password). Achieve your personal and professional goals by improving your business, creative, and technology skills.

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The Creative Library

The Creative Library contains the world’s largest collection of tools and skills for creative, design, and engineering professionals. Our educational videos cover a diverse range of topics, including graphic design, UX, video, photography, 3D, audio and music, architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing and more.


The Business Library

The Business library is a better business school for professionals. It teaches you how to manage time and projects; be more productive with business software and technology; and lead yourself, others, and the business across functions and over the span of your career.


The Technology Library

The Technology Library offers current and aspiring technology professionals deep coverage of the platforms, applications, and programming languages that are driving economic growth around the globe. Courses cover a wide range of in-demand skills—cloud computing, full-stack web development, DevOps, networking, cybersecurity, data science, AI, and more.

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Explore New Skills

Whether you, a friend, or colleague is looking to stay up to date on these latest trends, learning how to humbly inquire, or learn Revit, we’ve got you covered. Check out one of the new courses.  

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Use the Learning Paths

Learning Paths are curated collections of related video courses regarding a specific topic or career track, such as web design. Industry experts teach you the knowledge and skills associated with that subject or profession to start your career. There are many learning paths are available now. Find your path. Start your journey.