New MySJSU Interface Guide

While the things you do in MySJSU will be the same as before, the menus you use to get to those things have changed.

New main menu

Whether you are a student, faculty, or staff, look for the compass icon. It's on the far right in the new "NavBar" (the dark stripe across the top of the new interface).

This opens the main menu and will be your primary tool for navigating the changes in MySJSU.

Screenshot of MySJSU, highlighting main menu in navigation

New look, same content

Screenshot of PeopleSoft nav menuClicking on the compass icon will slide open the main menu and give you access to all of the same things you're used to working with.

Each feature in MySJSU is available here and you can get to the screen you're looking for by clicking on the relevant menu items to drill down to the specific thing you're looking for.