SJSU Websites

SJSU uses Omni CMS as its content management system for department and organization websites.

The look and feel of the website and its inner workings are handled by the campus templates (designed and maintained in partnership with Strategic Communications & Marketing), but the content of your website is up to you.

The following workshops will provide you with the tools you need to edit and publish webpages on your website.

Guided training workshops

Recorded videos

Office hours

If you need a few minutes of hands-on assistance, RSVP for a 30-minute office hours time slot.

Faculty website profiles

The Center for Faculty Development offers in-person consultation for faculty profile websites at

You can also review documentation to learn at your own pace:

Old templates

Documentation for the old templates is available on the old Omni CMS (aka OU Campus, the old name) documentation website.

It covers: