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School of Journalism and Mass Communications Advising Resource Guide

Last day for major advising for Spring 2022 will be May 27. Major advising will resume in the Fall 2022 semester.

For any questions, contact the department at

Students looking to apply for graduation can now do so online, please refer to the Applying for Graduation PPT and Online Graduation Application Tutorial [pdf].

Students looking for help with planning their schedule for next semester can be assisted by a Major Advisor (who will only advise on Major-requirements) and a GE Advisor at the H&A Student Success Center (who will advise on all GE/University requirements).

For inquiries regarding Substitution Forms, Excess Units Petitions, returning student paperwork, MCOM 111 internships, MCOM 180 independent study paperwork - please contact

Importance of Academic Advising

The JMC School wants each student to have a successful college experience. Academic advising plays a very important role. Delays in declaring a major or taking required courses can create problems and jeopardize a student's plan for graduation.

Students who come in as "undeclared" majors should see an academic advisor and work immediately to get into a campus major by meeting the department's admission requirements. Students who want to change their majors may also face challenges and restrictions. Program advisors are there to help to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

Advertising, journalism and public relations majors are required to see the JMC School's academic advisor at least once every academic year. Each JMC school major has a suggested "4 Year Plan." They suggest how many classes and specific courses majors should be taken each semester. Minors should prioritize seeing the JMC school academic advisor for guidance and assistance.

The goal of academic advising is to help students understand requirements and help meet them successfully and on schedule.

JMC School faculty and staff are here to help students have a successful college experience. Students are always responsible for identifying and planning their career goals as soon as possible. Procrastination is never helpful, and can result in both academic and financial challenges.

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