Master's Theses

Listed below are examples of theses produced by our Master’s Students.  These are archived through SJSU Scholarworks



Godless Americans: how non-religious persons are labeled as deviant in a religious society, Damian Bramlett


The struggle for sufficient housing in Santa Clara County, Robert Musallam

An exploration of burglaries committed by sexual offenders, Amelie Pedneault


Internet safety education : information retention among middle school aged children, S. Jaimee Tsim


A victimization study of transgendered individuals in San Francisco, California, Alex R. Sousa


A comparison of attitudes of public defenders and the public on drugs issues, Shalini Aroma

A model police department hate crime policy, Russell Allen Churn

Deterrence and white-collar crime : perceptions of antitrust attorneys, Wendy Susanne Enloe

Curfews, help or hinderance : an analyis of Concord police department’s 1995 curfew law, Kenric A. Fivella


Women’s fear of crime and the evening guide program at San Jose State University, Rizwana Mahmood


A comparative analysis of San Quentin’s boot camp program with New York’s and Georgia’s, Leo T. Ako Mbo

A Loss of traditions : the emergence of American Indian youth gangs, Julie A. Hailer


Feminism’s greatest Challenge: women in law enforcement, Anthony DeLucchi Barber

Law enforcement and crowd management, Christopher K. Dibble

Alcohol : legal issues concerning the environment of licensed premises in Alberta, Nicholas Anthony Jones

Corruption control in Argentina : problems faced by federal courts in Buenos Aires, Santiago Ottaviano


Courtroom service from probation officers to judges : a case study and proposal for change, S. Scott MacDonald


Job burnout among Monmouth County probation officers : an exploratory study, Peggy A. Hill


The Office of prosecutor in Egypt, Talaat M. Ellen

The Impact of proposition 8 on felony plea bargaining in Santa Clara County, Tianna D. Nelson