Forensic Science Resources


Forensic Science Speaker SeriesOur speaker series brings internationally known experts in forensic science to campus every semester. 

CSI Summer Camp: Experience crime scene investigation and forensic science with actual experts in the field as you learn the secrets of how CSI's uncover hidden evidence, careful observation and collection of evidence, detection and interpretation of fingerprints, blood stain patterns, DNA, report writing, and ethics and court testimony in this one week, hands-on intensive camp at San José State University. 

Forensic Science FLP Scotland: Join us for two weeks at the University of Strathclyde’s Forensic Science Centre in the Scottish city of Glasgow for a course on comparative forensic science. You will learn from Scottish experts, professors, and scientists about crime scene and forensic science practices, methods, and challenges in the UK; experience Glasgow’s high court; visit the police museum and a local crime lab; and participate in numerous social and cultural activities. This course satisfies the international experience requirement of CHHS and is ideally suited to Forensic Science majors and minors, but is open to anyone and everyone up for adventure and who meets the pre-requisite.

Opportunities for Involvement

Forensic Science Students (FSS): Forensic Science Students provides an open environment for students interested in forensic science. We promote exchanging of information on coursework, scholarships, and encourage peer-to-peer mentoring. We provide social outings to establish networking outside of school and to bond with colleagues. We also facilitate contacts within the forensic science community in order to provide internships, guest speakers, and future job opportunities.

Study Abroad: Studying abroad is a high-impact educational practice that has been shown to increase student success and employability after graduation. The CHHS International Experience is designed to provide high-quality global learning experiences that are flexible, affordable, and relevant to students’ degree programs and professional goals. 

InternshipThe internship is an integral part of the Justice Studies undergraduate program. All JS majors are required to complete a three (3) unit internship course. The internship experience is designed to provide a broad exposure to the operations of a variety of justice-related agencies and organizations, including courts, law enforcement agencies, law offices, nonprofit organizations and community based programs.

Research: Working with our forensic science faculty on research they are conducting is a great opportunity to learn in a laboratory setting and get hands-on experience. Volunteering in the forensic science lab can be a way to fulfill various degree requirements. You can read more about our faculty’s research and publications on their individual faculty pages: Dr. Mark Barash, Dr. Shawna Bolton, Professor Mary Juno, Dr. Steven Lee, Dr. Jodie Warren, Dr. Bryce Westlake

Student Support 

Scholarship Opportunities: These scholarships, ranging from $1,000 to $6,000, are available to undergraduate and graduate students in the Justice Studies Department—over $25,000 in awards!  Students may apply for more than one scholarship, and FS students can apply for the JS scholarships.

Jobs and Organizations

Specialized Courses: We routinely have faculty and lecturers teach specialized courses, based on their interest, expertise, and/or student demand. Each of these courses have the title FS 160 and can be used to satisfy elective requirements for your FS major, minor, or JS degree. Here is a list of recent FS 160 courses. In Fall 2020, we are offering (enrollment pending): 

Tentative Course Schedule: Each semester, we offer a series of core forensic science classes, along with several specialized courses via FS 160 or program electives. Below is our tenative course scheduling each semester. Note, schedule subject to change due to student demand and faculty availability. 

Fall Spring Summer
FS 11 (2 in-person; 1 online) FS 11 (1 in-person; 1 online) FS 11         
FS 100W FS 100W  
FS 130 (Starting Fall 2021) FS 106  
FS 161 FS 131 (Starting Spring 2022)  
FS 162 FS 161 (2 sections)  
FS 163 FS 162  
FS 169 FS 164  
FS 170 FS 167  
  FS 169  
  FS 171