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Listed Internships for Summer and Fall 2021

Due to COVID-19, many internship sites have been affected. Here is a short list of available internships for Summer and Fall 2021. Make sure to check back regularly, as it is updated as more information comes available.

See the Internship FAQ - COVID-19 Update page to answer some common questions about internships during the pandemic.


The internship course is designed to provide an experiential learning opportunity to students to prepare them for careers in justice-related fields, including courts, law enforcement, law offices, nonprofit organizations, and community-based programs. Students are required to spend a minimum of 120 hours in the internship setting. For the specific requirements, view the JS 181 syllabus (PDF). Through the internship, students gain knowledge of the structure, goals, and work procedures of an agency/office. In addition, the course is designed to promote understanding of the multiple links between coursework and workplace dynamics.

The internship is an integral part of the Justice Studies (JS) and Forensic Science (FS) undergraduate programs.  All JS and FS majors are required to complete a THREE (3) unit internship course. JS majors are also able to complete a second three-unit internship for credit, under Area ‘E’. The internship is limited to JS and FS majors and minors. Students may also fulfill this major requirement through the combination of JS 140 and JS 141.


  1. Locate, apply for, and complete the process of obtaining a position at an organization, and meet organizational requirements.
  2. Apply knowledge and skills learned in the justice studies program, to professional justice-related settings.


PROSPECTIVE Student Interns

Are you a justice studies or forensic science student seeking information on what is required to find an internship placement and register for the internship course (JS 181)? Our Prospective Interns webpage explains the process to becoming an intern, the steps needed to register for the JS 181 internship course, and how to approve an 'unlisted' internship. 

You can also check out our Frequent Asked Questions webpage to find answers to all your questions, including how to get started in finding an internship.

For a list of justice studies related organization that provide internships, please visit our Internship Opportunities webpage and/or the University's Internship Opportunities webpage. You can also search SJSU Handshake for internships.

All necessary forms, including the Internship Add Code Application, Internship Regististration Form, and the Request for Approval of Unlisted Internship, can be found on our Internship Forms webpage.


CURRENT Student Interns

Current interns should go to the Current Interns Page for information on what is required of students while they are completing their internship. 

The Current Interns Page provides a calendar of internship meeting dates for each of the semester's internship advisors.


Contact Information

Are you an organization seeking an internship student? To become one of our internship placement sites, please email the Internship Coordinator

For more about our department and potential career options, download the JS Fact Sheet [PDF] or email the Justice Studies Department.

Students should read the Internship FAQ PRIOR TO contacting the Internship Coordinator or the Department.


Spring 2021 Internship Coordinator: Dr. John Halushka 

Online ZOOM Office Hours

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm