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Students are responsible for all the information provided in the syllabus and additional documents. All forms required or the internship experience are located on the Internship Forms page.  Remember the following important information and direct any questions to your faculty internship advisor:

  • Complete 120 hours from the beginning of the semester to the last day of instruction.
  • Meeting dates and times will be established by your JS internship faculty advisor and will directly address completing the internship and the JS requirements.
  • Keep a field note/journal that documents your internship experience and also accounts for your time.
  • Have your agency complete your evaluation (sealed and signed).
  • Complete a paper that describes and analyzes your experience with the agency. You must follow the paper guidelines outlined in the syllabus (PDF) to receive credit. Consult your internship advisor for more information.

The meetings sheet , journal, evaluation, and paper are due on the Monday prior to the last day of instruction (before final exam week), and please work with your JS 181 course instructor about turning in your materials in a timely manner. Check the current academic calendar for the exact date.  Put all your materials in a 9″ x 12″ envelope. If you want your materials returned to you, please put your mailing address on the front and place enough stamps on the envelope (not inside the envelope) so the US postal service can deliver it. Please make backup copies of all your materials, including your journal. Late papers or missing materials will result in an incomplete (I) or a grade of no-credit (NC).

Frequently Asked Questions

For all your other questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions web page for internships.