Internship FAQ - COVID-19 Update

Due to the pandemic, many students have moved away from campus or had trouble finding an internship placement. Here are some answers to some common questions about internships during the pandemic. 


I have moved away from the Bay Area. Can I do an internship in my hometown?

Yes. However, you will need to take additional steps to have your unlisted internship approved by the department. You can find the required form here.


I am graduating this semester and I can’t find an internship. What should I do?

If you are a graduating senior and you cannot find an internship placement during the semester you plan to graduate, the department has designed an Alternative Internship Program. Students who cannot find internships during their last semester can still enroll in JS 181 under the JS Department Alternative Internship. Instead of working at a field site, you will work with a faculty supervisor to complete a series of career development exercises over the course of the semester. Although it is not the same thing as an internship, the goal is to help you build professional skills so you can succeed on the job market once you graduate. 


How do I enroll in the JS Alternative Internship?

You may only enroll in the JS Alternative Internship during the semester you plan to graduate. To enroll in the JS Alternative Internship, you fill out the add code application as normal, but choose the JS Department Alternative Internship for your field placement. 


I am not graduating this semester, but I want to enroll in the JS Alternative Internship. Why can’t I enroll?

The JS Alternative Internship is restricted to graduating seniors. The department has limited space available in the class, and this space is prioritized for students who need to fulfill the internship requirement to graduate on time. If you are not a graduating senior, we encourage you to continue looking for internship opportunities. The JS Alternative Internship is a last resort for students who have exhausted all efforts to find an internship and need to fulfill the JS 181 requirement to graduate.

I have a field placement, but my supervisors aren’t following county health guidelines for mask wearing and social distancing. What should I do?

The health and safety of our students is our number one priority. If you feel that your health and safety is compromised at any point during your internship, please contact your faculty supervisor or the Internship Coordinator immediately to report unsafe conditions. You will not be penalized for reporting unsafe conditions. If you feel unsafe at your field site, we will allow you to immediately leave the field site and complete alternative course requirements remotely without any course penalties. Your faculty supervisor will be in touch with you regularly about the health and safety conditions of your field site. We also encourage you to proactively communicate with your faculty supervisor or internship coordinator about the health and safety of your field site.