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  Record Clearance in a Nutshell 

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  Due to health advisories, the Record Clearance Project is providing all services via phone and video until further notice.  

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  • has spoken to over 12,600 people - including 4,000 in custody - at presentations regarding expungement law and the employment rights of people with convictions since 2010. 
  • held over 225 LiveScan fingerprinting sessions providing 800 people with their criminal history reports ("RAP" sheets) enabling them to start the expungement process since March 2017. 77% qualified for free LiveScans, saving at least $31,500 over the cost of commercial services. 
  • conducted over 1720 individual legal advice interviews ("Speed Screenings") to advise each person regarding their next steps in the expungement process since 2010. When a conviction must be dismissed by law, RCP completes the necessary forms on site, saving clients a trip to court. 
  • filed more than 1640 petitions to dismiss convictions on behalf of over 565 clients with a 99% success rate in court
  • received court decisions removing over $120,000 in court debt on clients' behalf.
  • trained more than 600 future lawyers, law enforcement and probation officers. Many Record Clearance Project students take law enforcement and probation jobs, bringing a different perspective on their work. Others consider law school for the first time. 

 RCP Services

 The Record Clearance Project provides:

  • Presentations regarding expungement law and employment rights of people with criminal convictions 
  • LiveScan fingerprinting so people can get a copy of their criminal history report ("RAP sheet")
  • “Speed Screening” interviews to review people's RAP sheets and provide one-on-one consultations regarding their next steps in the expungement process 
  • Representation in court on petitions to dismiss eligible convictions and reduce eligible felonies to misdemeanors in Santa Clara County 
  • Peer mentoring program helping people transition from custody to prepare for their new futures 
  • [on hold, given jail closure] Three-unit class on Practical Legal Skills to in-custody students for SJSU credit 

All RCP legal services are free.  All but LiveScans are conducted remotely via video conferencing or phone. 



Speed Screening Interviews

  Learn the next steps to expungement


Speed Screenings are individual interviews to determine the next steps towards expungement (record clearance).

Please email for information regarding these online interviews by appointment.

If a court hearing is not required, we may be able to complete necessary expungement forms.

If a court hearing is required, the preparation required is beyond the scope of this event.

Please inform us if a reasonable accommodation for a disability is required.

Speed Screening Flyer * Speed Screening Flyer en Español

Free/Low-Cost LiveScan to get your RAP Sheet

RCP has begun limited LiveScan fingerprinting by appointment, observing strict social distancing and safety requirements.  General information appears on the flyers at the links here, though please email to make an appointment and receive updated information. 

                     LiveScan flyer [pdf] *  LiveScan flyer en Español [pdf] *

Please Help Support the Record Clearance Project

The Record Clearance Project relies upon support from donations.  To donate, please click here and specify the Record Clearance Project in the "Other Purpose" box.

Or mail a check made out to "The Tower Foundation" to:

The Tower Foundation, One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192-0256.  Please note “Record Clearance Project” in the memo line.  (The Tower Foundation is SJSU’s auxiliary organization and is a 501c3 accepting philanthropic donations for use at San José State University.) 

"When I initially took JS 140, it was because it would take the place of [an internship that] fell through. I was in complete shock when I saw what I was getting myself into. I had no idea that I was going to love the class as much as I did. When I went to my first Speed Screening [advice session] and saw what we were doing for people, that we were giving them some sort of hope for their future, I knew what I wanted to do with mine. Since working with clients, I have decided to pursue law school in hopes to continue to work with expungement." - RCP Student

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