What they are saying about RCP?


Being a part of this assignment has changed me in many ways that I can’t express in words.  All I know is that I am not the same person that I was at the beginning of the semester.Student picture

The moment that I met [our client] and started conducting the interview, is when I began to realize the importance of my work.  If I messed up, she may not be able to get a job.  The flip side was that if I nailed it, the results could really affect her life in a positive way. 

One really overwhelming aspect of this project was how enthusiastic some clients were.  When first hearing of this project I figured these were people volunteering, sort of doing us a favor by letting us gain some experience.  After meeting with them though, and especially after seeing them in court, I realized that a clear record really meant a lot to them. 

It was hard to write in [our client's] voice, as we only met with him for a short time and he had many different life experiences than us. … I am very proud of the final product not only because I believe it was well written, but because of its significance to changing [our client's] life.  … When [our client] read the petition and declaration, his eyes beamed with joy.  His exact words were, ‘Wow, that’s it … you guys put everything I wanted to say in there.’ 

Since I am employed in [law enforcement], working with a former defendant was a little difficult for me.  I believed that any individual who committed a crime against another person or society should be held accountable and receive no special treatment.  I was a true believer that those crimes should always be a part of the defendant’s criminal history for the rest of their lives.  That was until I met [our client.]

The simple fact that a convict will have their record looked at by any employer is an indirect punishment that never goes away unless you have your record cleared.  In [our client's] case, that record haunted not only her, but also her children.   …Prior to gaining this understanding, I really had no compassion for persons who had been convicted of crimes.  I figured that if they had broken the law, they deserve whatever they got.  If that meant having trouble getting a job, well, so be it.  Gaining this new perspective changed that outlook.



student picture

I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted that I thought I was going to have to carry for a lifetime. … Your students did an amazing job on my petition and I am so grateful. Thank you for this life-changing gift.

The record clearance program is a great opportunity. It has changed my life and opened multiple doors for my family and my future. I would like to thank the students and others involved for all their time and hard work.

The record clearance project has offered me the chance to finish my school and to get a job in the future as a probation officer, which I am pursuing at this time.  Please let it be more help to people … because we all need a helping hand. 

Going through this program has given my family a reason to believe in me again and reconciled some broken relationships.

There is no way I could have done this by myself, and I want to thank all those who make this program possible for people like me.

Now today I feel more free and I feel I do not have any obstacles blocking me for any kind of employment positions.  In addition, it was easy to participate for me.student picture

I brought all my character letters, school awards, and completions certificates.  This program is beneficial to the student and to the client.  Without this program I would have felt worthless. 

I want to thank you and the whole san jose university team for helping me resolve this life changing moment in my life. 

I cant express enough on how much your program helps and saves lives. … you truly are angels in my eyes.   thank you with all my heart.

[Client] is a good friend of mine. I referred her and and was so happy to hear about the outcome of her case. A huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

Thank you for all the lives you are changing. … I am eternally grateful for the hard work, time and energy, blood sweat and tears you put into helping us get a second chance!!!

Your program is a blessing for me… Your help provides a second chance at life.  … Once again thank you all.

Thank you. I am very grateful! You and [student] did an awesome job in putting everything together. This expungement means a lot.



Thank you for getting back to me so fast. This make me feel really good that there is hope for me… I will have letters of support, certificates, etc ready.