The Department of Justice Studies faculty are highly active in scholarly research and social activism. Check out their research interests and recent publications.

The Department of Justice Studies engages in collaborations with various members of the community to pursue its goal of a more just and fairer society. At the moment, we are involved with the Institute for Collaborative Response for Victims of Family Violence.



Dr. De Giorgi

Alessandro De Giorgi, Ph.D.

Alessandro De Giorgi’s teaching and research interests include theories of punishment and social control, urban ethnography, political economy, and social justice. Currently, he is conducting an ethnographic research on the socioeconomic consequences of concentrated incarceration and prisoner reentry in a disadvantaged neighborhood of Oakland, CA.

Dr. De Giorgi has been published in a variety of different publications, ranging from conference papers and scholarly presentations to book reviews and book chapters. He has also published three books regarding crime, conflict and mass incarceration. He has published over 20 written pieces in the past three years, and has no plans to stop. This year, his work “Punishment, Marxism, and Political Economy” will be featured in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice and “Social Structures and Penal Change: Marxist Critiques of Punishment in Late Capitalism” in the The SAGE Handbook of Marxism.

Dr. De Giorgi is a professor and is one of the Justice Studies major advisors for the Department of Justice Studies.