Green Sheets

A Student Relaxing on Tower Lawn

Spring 2017


Dr. Vernon Andrews

Dr. Cole Armstrong

  • KIN 153 Sport Facility & Event Management
  • KIN 281 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Sport
  • KIN 284 Financial Aspects of Sport

Lacey Atkinson

  • NuFS/KIN 163 Physical Fitness & Nutrition

Bud Ayers

Frank Barry

Angel Batt

Dr. Thomas Beggs

Martha Behler

Daniel Bohigian

  • KIN 100W Writing Workshop
  • KIN 161 Philosophy of Sport

Laurie Boswell

  • KIN 105 Water Safety Instructor

Spencer Bowersmith

Christopher Brown

Kathy Bruga

Dr. Stanley Butler

Dr. Ted Butryn

  • KIN 069 Stress Management
  • KIN 168 Psychology of Coaching
  • KIN 264 Sport Sociology

Lei Cai

Suzanne Caughlan

Dr. Seung Ho Chang

Dr. Gong Chen

Dr. Jessica Chin

Ian Choi

Dr. Craig Cisar

Oscar Crespo

Matt Crockett

Dr. David Daum

Oscar David

Zecheria Deges

  • KIN 024A Beginning Bowling

James Fonda

Dr. Farzaneh Ghiasvand

Dr. KyungMo Han

  • KIN 188 Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries
  • KIN 195 Therapeutic Modalities
  • KIN 197D Practicum in Athletic Training IV

Dr. Karin Jeffery

Dr. Areum Jensen

Dr. James Kao

Jon Keeling

Kristine Kirkendall

Dr. Ray Kwok

Krislyn Li

Junko Linafelter

Chris May

Arman Medina

  • KIN 100W Writing Workshop

Dr. Nancy Megginson

  • KIN 107 Adapted Aquatics
  • KIN 156 Introduction to Adapted Physical Activity
  • KIN 174 Assessment of Psychomotor Function

Dr. Richard Montgomery

Daniel Murphy

Sandra Olliges

Henry Pai

Lee Pate

Dr. Greg Payne

Dr. Peggy Plato

Dr. Shirley Reekie

Syria Rhodes

Ky Russell

Jennifer Schachner

Jordan Schmidt

  • KIN 069 Stress Management

Hans Schmitt

  • KIN 047A Beginning West Coast Swing

Dr. Tamar Semerjian

  • KIN 164 Sociocultural Perspectives
  • PSYC/KIN 167 Sport Psychology
  • KIN 185 Senior Seminar

Dr. Bethany Shifflett

Philrene Toney

  • KIN 100W Writing Workshop

Dr. Masaaki Tsuruike

Michelle Watson

Dr. Daniel Weng

Dr. Linda Wilkin

David Williams

Dr. Emily Wughalter

  • KIN 166 Motor Learning
  • KIN 266 Principles & Concepts of Perceptual Motor Learning