Affiliated Programs and Student Clubs

Affiliated Programs

The Center for International Sport and Kinesiology

Center Director: Dr. Shirley Reekie
Assistant Director: Dr. Gong Chen

The Center is an affiliated program designed to promote international relationships in sport and Kinesiology. This is done through dissemination of information, sponsorship of faculty and student exchanges, and partnerships with universities throughout the world. In particular the Center has established, or is in the process of establishing, relationships in Australia, Great Britain, Japan, People's Republic of China, and Taiwan.


FASTFIT (formerly CATS) Program

Director: Dr. Shirley Reekie

The FASTFIT Program is a "noon hour" fitness program designed for faculty and staff of San Jose State University sponsored by the Department of Kinesiology. This is an open fitness room from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Participation fee is required of participants.

Spartan Youth Summer Camp

Director: Dr. Areum Jensen

The Department of Kinesiology proudly offers our 1st Spartan Youth Summer Camp during Summer 2018 to create sports and exercise experience for children. We invite you to explore our full day program to make summer healthy, exciting, and fun for your child. Registration remain available throughout the duration of the summer camps or until full.     

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Kinesiology Student Clubs

Students are encouraged to become actively involved in their profession through classroom and laboratory experiences, internships, and extracurricular activities. Many opportunities are available for students to become professionally involved including participation in student clubs and attendance at local, regional, and national conferences. These activities facilitate networking with other students, faculty, and professionals working in the field.

Information about the student clubs and professional conferences are posted on the KIN bulletin boards, announced in classes (particularly KIN 70), and published in the Communicator, a newsletter written for KIN majors and minors by Dr. Matthew Masucci, Department Chair. International opportunities, including study abroad, are available through the Center for International Sport and Kinesiology. For information about these opportunities, contact Dr. Shirley Reekie or Dr. Gong Chen.

Adapted Physical Activity Club: The APA Club is a student service organization that supports physical activity, recreation, and sport for individuals with disability at SJSU and in the community.

Kinesiology Ambassadors Club (KAC): The Kinesiology Ambassadors Club is open to all kinesiology majors and minors. Kinesiology Ambassadors advocate for physical activity, health, and wellness in the community and within San José State University. The Club also promotes the major of kinesiology within San José State University and the community.

Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Club: PETE Club members work together to assist, support, and promote the development of highly qualified physical education teachers

Pre-Physical Therapy Club (Pre-PT): The Pre-Physical Therapy Club provides community resources, peer advising, guest speakers, and volunteer opportunities for members to help them become stronger candidates for physical therapy graduate programs.

Spartan Athletic Training Organization (SPATO): The purpose of the Spartan Athletic Training Organization is to promote and enhance the profession of athletic training as it relates to the field of sports medicine.  This shall be done through community outreach, professional development, and campus activities.

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Sport Management StudentAssociation (SMSA): The SMSA is an organization that seeks to provide students with the opportunity to further their knowledge of the sport industry. The organization endeavors to secure relationships with local, state, and national sport organizations to develop networking opportunities, practical knowledge, and sport industry experience.

Badminton Club: Allow for those with interest in badminton to gather and play with each other on campus and to allow for those interested in playing against other schools to play. 
Contact Person: Nathan Barnes 
Phone: (408) 244-6633 

SJSU Ballroom Dance Club: Organized in 1995 with Dr. Bethany Shifflett as faculty advisor, the club has grown considerably over the years. The group is a terrific place for all dance enthusiasts since the club makes a special effort to see to it that everyone from beginners to competitive dancers feel welcome. In addition, the group provides instruction at both the beginning and intermediate levels. Check SJSU Ballroom Dance Club website for more information.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bethany Shifflett 

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