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Professor Bio

Daniel Bohigian began his academic career at San Jose State University in the Spring of 2009 after transferring from the College of San Mateo. After being awarded his Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and his Master of Arts in Philosophy from San Jose State, in 2011 and 2014, respectively, an ideal opportunity to teach for the Kinesiology department opened up. As a freshly minted M.A. in philosophy, along with being life-long sports fan, teaching Philosophy of Sport for the Kinesiology department was, and remains to be, a nice blend between passions. Currently a first degree black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Daniel still actively competes and teaches the discipline when he is not lecturing at SJSU.



Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, San Jose State University, San Jose, California, 2011.

Master of Arts, Philosophy, San Jose State University, San Jose, California, 2014


Expertise, Research & Teaching Interests

Moral and ethical issues in contemporary and competitive sport with emphasis on fan behavior and the complexities of the fan, player, and team relationship.

Interpretations of the “magic world” of play and games, as original presented by Johan Huizinga, and the magic world’s relationship with professional sport: should reality be temporarily suspended in the name of enjoying a sporting event?


Courses Taught

Philosophy 10, Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2013)

Philosophy 57, Introduction to Logic (Spring 2014)

Kinesiology 161, Philosophy of Sport (Fall 2014 - Present)

Kinesiology 100w, Professional Writing (Spring 2016 - Present)

Kinesiology 260, Philosophy of Sport - Graduate Seminar (Fall 2015)


Selected Publications

Info coming soon.


Selected Presentations

Debate Team Leader/Debate Presenter, Chase Utley’s Slide: Fair or Foul? WSKW Conference, Fall 2016, Reno, Nevada.


Undergraduate/Graduate Student Research Supervision


Research Supervision

Research Supervision Miles Pascal Gonzales, Undergraduate, KIN 180. Pseudoscience in the Fitness Industry: Differentiating Between Fact and Fiction. Fall 2016.


Professional Affiliations 


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