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Professor Bio

Mr. Daniel Murphy completed his MA in sport psychology and sport sociology from SJSU with distinction, after earning a BA degree with university and department honors from UCSC in American Studies with a focus on film and music. He is a multi-disciplinary scholar. He lectures on a range of topics including film studies, sport studies, sport psychology, sport history, critical thinking, research writing in the sciences, cultural competency, health psychology, stress and coping, community health, and global humanities.

He is a published author in sport psychology and sport sociology journals, and an active peer reviewer for academic journals and textbooks. Daniel's current research is centered on stress and coping in elite athletics and critical media analysis in sport. In addition, Daniel has managed the department social media channels and the department website. 



Master of Arts Degree in Kinesiology, Sport Sociology and Sport Psychology Focus

San Jose Staté University, San José, CA

Bachelor of Arts Degree in American Studies, History & Popular Culture Focus 

University of California at Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA



National Soccer Coaches Association of America National Diploma, July 2001 

US Soccer Coaches Association National B License, July 2005


Expertise, Research & Teaching Interests

Sport Psychology & Coaching

Global Sport Studies & Cultural Anthropology

Film Studies, American Sport Films & Documentaries

Soccer Cultures in North American, Central American, and Caribbean Regions

Ethnomusicology & 20th Century American Music History


Courses Taught

Kinesiology 68 Visual Representations of Sport and Culture

Kinesiology 69 Stress Management

Kinesiology 96 MUSE: American Music History

Kinesiology 100W Writing Workshop

Kinesiology 101 Sport in America

Kinesiology 111 Global Sport Cultures

Kinesiology 168 Psychology of Coaching

Kinesiology 169 Diversity, Stress, and Health

Health Science 135 Multicultural Health 

Health Science 25 Health Team Building 

Health Science 1 Understanding your Health  

Academic Journal Peer Editor

International Journal of Exercise & Sport Psychology

Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health

Sociology of Sport Journal

Sport in Society


Selected Publications

Kristiansen, E., Murphy, D., & Roberts, G. (2012). Organizational stress and coping in

US professional soccer. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology.

Shifflett, B., Murphy, D., Ghazideneh, F., & McKippik, M. (2015). Gender bias in sport

analytics. Sport & Media.

Murphy, D. (2009). Sociocultural histories of professional soccer in the US in the 20th

century. Self-Published Online.


Selected Presentations

Presenter, CASA Communication Technology Presentation, Presented to Department

of Kinesiology, April 2012

Presenter, Stress Management Presentation, Presented to SJSU Student Business

Club, Spring 2011

PresenterStress Management, ATC, and Graduate Experience, Presented to 1st year

SJSU KIN Graduate AT Students, Fall 2011 – present

Presenter, Stress Management Presentation, Presented to SJSU Student Success

Workshop, Fall 2010

Guest Speaker, International Soccer, International Sport History, Department of

Kinesiology Graduate Program, Fall 201

Guest Panelist, Concussions & Youth Sports, EqualTime TV Show, KQED/SJSU Communications, Spring 2015


Undergraduate/Graduate Student Research Supervision

Student Internships

Stress Management KIN, CASA, SJSU & House on the Hill, August 2008 – August 2009

Research Supervision

Graduate Program – Advisor – 298 Project – David Yeh – Sport Mascots  - Fall 2014

Graduate Program – Advisor  - 298 Project – Garrett Cafful – Sport Media Internships – Spring 2015

Undergraduate – KIN 180 – Vannuck Uy – Stress and Performance in Long Distance Recreational Runners – Spring 2015

Undergraduate – KIN 180 – Brian Robles – Knee Osteoarthritis – Fall 2015

Undergraduate – KIN 180 – Vannuck Uy – Stress and Performance in Long Distance Recreational Runners – Fall 2015 – cont’’d

Undergraduate – KIN 180 – John Horigan – Research Assistant – Sport Media & Gender – Spring 2015/Fall 2015

Student Publication

Sullivan DP.  (2015). Retraining running gait to prevent lower extremity overuse

injuries. Undergraduate Journal of Kinesiology, 10(2).

Student Club Advising

KIN Ambassadors August 2011 – August 2012

SJSU Women’s Club Rugby August 2011 – August 2012

SJSU Fencing Club August 2017 – present

Department of Kinesiology

Interim Advising Manager – Summer 2015, Summer 2016, Summer 2017


Professional Affiliations

National Soccer Coaches Association of America, Member Since 2000

US Soccer Coaches Association, Member Since 2000

California Youth Soccer Coaches Association, Member Since 2000

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