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Professor Bio

After a long career in the electronics industry, I returned to school and finished my undergrad degree and completed my masters and Ph.D. It was the best decision I ever made. I love teaching and cannot imagine not doing it. I am retired from CSUSB as my grandchildren live in the Bay Area and I needed to be close to them. I am very grateful that SJSU was willing to allow me to teach here.



1999-2002: Ph.D., Exercise Physiology – The Ohio State University

1997–1999: M.A., Exercise Physiology – The Ohio State University

1995–1997: B.S., Exercise Physiology – California State University, Sacramento


Expertise, Research & Teaching Interests

My main area of expertise is muscle physiology and also aging. I love teaching anything related to health and wellness.


Courses Taught

KIN/NuFS 163 Physical Fitness & Nutrition

KIN 185 Senior Seminar

KIN 187 Clinical Exercise Physiology

KIN 157 Physiological Assessment

KIN 035A Weight Training


Selected Publications

Wilkin, L.D., Antoinette Cheryl, A. & Haddock, B.L. (2011) Energy Expenditure Comparison Between Walking and Running in Average Fitness Individuals. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, In press.

Wilkin, L.D., Cheryl, A. & Haddock, B.L. (2011) A Comparison of Bioelectrical Impedance Devices with Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry. International Journal of Exercise Science. In review.

Wilkin, L.D. & Haddock, B.L. (2011) Functional Fitness of Older Adults. Activities, Adaptation & Aging, 35:3, 197-209.

Wilkin, L.D. & Haddock, B.L. (2010) Health-related variables and functional fitness among older adults. . International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 70(2):107-18.

Siegel, S.R., Haddock, B.L., Dubois, A.M., & Wilkin, L.D. (2009) Active Video/Arcade Games (Exergaming) and Energy Expenditure in College Students. International Journal of Exercise Science, 2(3):165-174.

Haddock, B.L., Siegel, S.R. & Wilkin, L.D. (2009) The addition of a video game to stationary cycling: The impact on energy expenditure in overweight children. The Open Sports Sciences Journal, 2: 42-46.   

Haddock, B.L., Brandt, A.M., Siegel, S.R., Wilkin, L.D. & Han J.K. (2008) Active video games and energy expenditure in overweight children. International Journal of Fitness, 4(2): 17-24.


Selected Presentations

October, 2007 – Presented at the Fifty and Better Health Fair sponsored by the Riverside Medical Foundation and the Goeske Center.

August, 2007 – Presented at Dinner and Dialog at the Redlands Senior Center. Demonstrated many safe and effective methods for remaining fit as we age..

October 2006-Slide presentation-LIFE Society University of California, Riverside University Extension- Fit for Life: Remaining Independent.

June 2006- Poster presentation-American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting- Factors    related to functional status of those over 70 years of age: Second year data.        

March 2006-Panel presentation-The First CSU Conference on Community-Based Teaching & Research. Social Justice: Community Health. Predictors of Functional Status: A Longitudinal Study.

June, 2005-Poster presentation-American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting- Factors related to functional status of those over 70 years of age.   


Undergraduate/Graduate Student Research Supervision


Supervised one masters thesis and currently supervising a masters project B


Professional Affiliations