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Dr. Gong Chen 


Professor Bio

Gong Chen is a full professor at Department of Kinesiology at San Jose State University. He is an activity specialist and current activity program coordinator. He introduced SJSU activity program and American nationwide basic instructional programs to physical education departments chairs from 280 universities in China. His research focuses on self-defense and self-defense education for school and university students. He introduced self-defense into Beijing University and taught national university self-defense instructor training project (national major project in Education Ministry) in China using SJSU self-defense curriculum.  He also conducted numerous self-defense workshops for elementary, middle and high school teachers in many school districts in California.  He has published numerous books and papers on self-defense in English and Chinese. Gong Chen has conducted collaborative projects with several universities in China and he is a guest professor at Shandong University and Northwestern Polytechnic University.



Ed.D. University of Arkansas - Physical Education; Pedagogy.       

M.Ed. Beijing University of Physical Education - Physical Education; Teacher Education.

B.Ed. Shenyang Physical Education Institute - Physical Education; Teacher Education.


Expertise, Research & Teaching Interests

Activity specialist with expertise on teaching, promoting, and publishing books on self-defense, tai chi, table tennis, badminton, and physical activity. Main research interest is on self-defense and self-defense education, with current focus on: self-defense curriculum design for elementary school through college, chance of escapes in self-defense, self-defense education for school students and their parents, sexual arracks against school girls by teachers in China and the world, and comprehensive study on all crime cases of college students in China.


Courses Taught

KIN 15 - Basketball

KIN 20 - Badminton

KIN 27 - Table Tennis

KIN 35 - Weight Training

KIN 50 - Tai Chi

KIN 55 - Self Defense


Selected Publications

Chen, G. (April 2011). Rationale of Self-defense Education in American Schools. Journal of Sport Science Review, xx (1-2), p65-76.

Chen, G. (January 2011). Monitor their growth to stay away from violent crimes - dialogue with Chinese parents on self-defense of their children. A book in Chinese language for parents in China.  Beijing Sport University Publisher, China.

Chen, G., Wang, C. (September 2009). Self-defense. A bilingual book of Chinese and English. Xi-an: Northwest Polytechnic University, China.

Chen, G., & Chen, C. (August 2008). Coaching badminton 101. A book published by Coaches Choice/Healthy Learning, Ca: Monterey.


Selected Presentations

Chen, G. (December 2013). "Learning self-defense with fun - self-defense classes at San Jose State University". A    presentation at Northwestern Polytechnic University in China.

Chen, G. (December 2013). "Self-defense education for everyone in China - Importance of self-defense education vs physical education for all". A presentation at the Summit of Frontier World Kinesiology, sponsored by Liaoning Provincial Sport Sociology Center and Shenyang Sport University

Chen, G. (December 2013). "Self-defense education in the war against crime of violence." A presentation at Shandong University in China.

Undergraduate/Graduate Student Research Supervision

May 2014, served on Sunny Zhang Thesis committee

2010-2012, advised two doctoral candidates from Beijing Sport University

2009-2014, mentored 15 visiting professors from universities in China


Professional Affiliations




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