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Masaaki Tsuruike 


Professor Bio

I joined Department of Kinesiology as the Director of Graduate Athletic Training Education Program at SJSU in August 2012.  Before SJSU, I worked as a full professor in Graduate School and the Director of Athletic Training Course in undergraduate at Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences in Japan for over 15 years, where I started to study physical education for my bachelor degree as well.  I graduated my master’s degree in Kinesiology emphasizing Athletic Training Specialization and PhD in Human Performance with major in Motor Control and minor in Neuroscience both from Indiana University, Bloomington.  At my former university I was involved with American football team as the team director to take responsibility for their official activity while supervising student athletic trainers in the team.  I also had an opportunity to assist Women’s basketball team as an athletic trainer for 5 years.  Meantime, I conducted research activity for the modulation of spinal motoneuron excitability by using conditioned H-reflex techniques to identify differences between elderly and young population during a variety of weight bearing positions.  Currently, I’ve been interested in the muscular activities attached to the scapula for overhead athletes.  Furthermore, I’ve been measuring the scapular muscle activities in the scapulohumeral rhythm with a variety of intensities for SJSU baseball team.  In addition, I’ve been enjoying collaborating with 13 clinical sites for our graduate students working as graduate assistantships in GATEP.  Such clinical sites include a variety of institutes from D1 universities to private high schools all over in Bay area, Santa Cruz, and Monterey as well as SJSU.  Last, I enjoy practicing judo with SJSU Judo Team members and playing tennis with my wife in private.



PhD in Human Performance at Indiana University, Bloomington

MS in Kinesiology at Indiana University, Bloomington

BS in Physical Education at Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences, Japan


Expertise, Research & Teaching Interests

Athletic training, injury prevention and rehabilitation exercises for overhead athletes

Electromyography (EMG) activity in free motion movements


Courses Taught


KIN 269 Evidence Based Research and Practice in the Management and Assessment of Injuries to the Upper Extremity

KIN 272 Evidence Based Research in the Practice of Therapeutic Exercise

KIN 273 Evidence Based Research in the Practice of Therapeutic Modalities

KIN 292A Leadership and Administration in Athletic Training

KIN 292B Seminar in Sports Medicine

KIN 293 Fieldwork in Athletic Training


Selected Publications

Tsuruike, M, Ellenbecker, T. S., & Hirose, N. Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic (KJOC) score and scapular dyskinesis test in collegiate baseball players. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. 2018;27(10):1830-1836.

Hirose, N. & Tsuruike, MDifferences in the Electromyographic Activity of the Hamstring, Gluteus Maximus, and Erector Spinae Muscles in a Variety of Kinetic Changes. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 2018;32(12):3357-3363.

Tsuruike M, Munson M, Hirose N. The Effect of Upper Extremity Rhythmical Exercises on Core Stability Muscle Activities during Standing Position. Translational Sports Medicine. 2018;1(3):132-139.

Izumi H, Tsuruike M. A Comparison of Practices of Athletic Training and Therapy Professionals across Four Countries. International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training. 2018;23(3):108-112.

Izumi H, Tsuruike M. Portability of US Athletic Training Education in International Setting. Athletic Training Education Journal. 2018;13(1):33-41.

Tsuruike M, Ellenbecker TS. Adaptation of Muscle Activity in Scapular Dyskinesis Test for Collegiate Baseball Players. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. 2016;25(10):1583-91.

Nakamura Y, Tsuruike M, Ellenbecker ST. EMG activity of scapular muscle control in free motion exercise. Journal of Athletic Training. 2016;51(3):195-204.

Tsuruike M, Ellenbecker TS. Serratus Anterior and Lower Trapezius Muscle Activities during Multi-Joint Isotonic Scapular Exercises and Isometric Contraction. Journal of Athletic Training. 2015;50(2):192-210


Selected Presentations

Tsuruike, Ellenbecker. Activity Comparison of the Serratus Anterior and Lower Trapezius Muscles during Different Exercise Orientations NATA 65th Clinical Symposia, Indianapolis, June 2014

Tsuruike.Established Systematic Field of Athletic Training - Concepts Expected from the Development of Athletic Training. In Symposium: A view from Basic Research, 2nd Annual Conference of Japan Society for Athletic Training, International Budo University, Chiba Japan, June 2013

Tsuruike. Control of Shoulder External Rotation with a Long Sleeve Compression Garment during Isotonic Contractions 17th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science, Bruges, Belgium, July 2012


Undergraduate/Graduate Student Research Supervision

Yukiko Nakamura. EMG Activities of Scapular Muscle Control in Free Motion Exercise (“Top Student” Award)

Evan Krening. Post Activation Potentiation Effect of Miniband Activation Exercises on Gluteus Medius Activation in Collegiate Volleyball Players

Ryan Nokes. Muscle EMG Activity in Vibram’s Five Finger Shoes

Nicholas Martinez. An Analysis of Athletic Training Injury-Tracking Software Programs Leading to the Development of A New, Superior Program

Haley Crowell.  The Effectiveness of A Yoga Intervention for Collegiate Athletes with Low Back Pain: Randomized Controlled Trial


Professional Affiliations

National Athletic Trainers’ Association

Far West Athletic Trainers’ Association

California Athletic Trainers’ Association

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