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Emily Wughalter 


Professor Bio

Dr. Emily H. Wughalter received her doctorate from the University of Georgia. She is a professor in the Department of Kinesiology.  At the graduate level she teaches Quantitative Research Methods in Kinesiology and Motor Learning.  She teaches Motor Learning, Measurement and Evaluation, and Writing Workshop in the undergraduate program.  Dr. Wughalter has been a dedicated scholar and distinguished professional throughout her career. Her scholarship is in motor learning, research, and measurement; in addition she has made a profound commitment to social justice and diversity.  She is a strong advocate for girls and women in sport at the local and national levels.  Dr. Wughalter has published 28 journal articles, a book, a book chapter, and 5 book reviews.  She has given over 50 professional presentations.   She is a Fellow in the Research Consortium of AAHPERD. Dr. Wughalter is recognized for her teaching expertise and service at the university, having won the Outstanding Professor Award for San Jose State University in 2009. In 2011, she received the Outstanding Service Award, and in 2003 she received the Outstanding Professor Award from the College of Applied Sciences and Arts. Dr. Wughalter is a national leader in the broad field of Kinesiology. She served as the President of the Research Consortium, and two-time member of the AAHPERD Board of Governors. She served on and chaired countless committees for AAHPERD (now SHAPE America), the Research Consortium, and NAGWS.  In recognition, she received the Mabel Lee Award, the Distinguished Service Award from the Research Consortium, the NAGWS Honor Award, and the AAHPERD Honor Award.  In 2014, Dr. Wughalter was selected AAHPERD’s highest recognition when she was received the Luther Halsey Gulick Medal.


Ed.D. University of Georgia - 1981

M.S. University of Colorado - 1978

B.A. Herbert H. Lehman College - 1977


Expertise, Research & Teaching Interests

I am interested in issues and problems as they relate to applications in kinesiology and in human factors and ergonomics.


Courses Taught

KIN 100W - Writing Workshop in Kinesiology

KIN 166 - Motor Learning Lecture and Lab

KIN 175 - Measurement and Evaluation

KIN 250 - Quantitative Research Methods in Kinesiology

KIN 266 - Principles and Concepts of Perceptual Motor Learning


Selected Publications

Book Chapter

Staurowsky, E., Hogshead-Makar, N., Kane, M. J.,  Wughalter, E. H., Yiamouyiannis, A., & Lerner, P.  (2007).  Gender equity in physical education and athleticsIn Handbook for Achieving Gender Education through Education (pps. 381-410). New Jersey:  Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers.

Journal Editorship

Bennett, R. S.,  & Wughalter, E. H.  (Eds.).   (1999).  Social Justice and Diversity.  Quest, 51 (4).

Journal Articles

Kahanov, L., Roberts, J., & Wughalter, E. H.  (2010).  Adherence to Drug-Dispensation and Drug Administration Laws and Guidelines in Collegiate Athletic Training Rooms: A Five-Year Follow-up Survey.  Journal of Athletic Training, 45 (3), 299-305.

Alnaser, M., & Wughalter, E. H. (2009).  Effect of chair design on ratings of discomfort.  Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation, 34, 223-234.

Lilien, J. S., & Wughalter, E. H.  (2004).  Effect of graphic input device and repetition on wrist posture.  Annual Proceedings of the Human Factors Ergonomics Society, 48, 1469-1473.

Christensen, C. L., Payne, V. G., Wughalter, E. H., Yan, J., Henehan, M., & Jones, R.  (2003). Physical activity, physiological and psychomotor performance:  A study of variously active older adult men. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 74 (2), 136-142.

Wughalter, E. H. (2002).  Transgressions and transcendence:  Surpassing disciplinary boundaries.  Quest, 54, 242-251


Selected Presentations

Wughalter, E. H., Cacola, P., Richardson, K., & Polsgrove, M. AAHPERD National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri on April 4, 2014.

Wughalter, E.H.  Reaching beyond the walls:  a case study of the San Jose State University Program in Human Factors and Ergonomics.  2014 NAKHE Collaborative Conference and International Congress.   Steps into the Future:  Exploring Opportunities and Facing the Challenges of the 21st Century in San Diego, CA presented on January 10, 2014.

Wughalter, E.H.  Showcasing Your Lab: The Applied Motor Behavior Laboratory at San Jose State University.  Human Factors and Ergonomics Society International Meeting.  San Diego, CA on October 3, 2013.

LaVoi, N., Gao, Y., Gill, D., Wughalter, E. H., & Ransdell, L.  Conducting Research with Female Athletes:  Strategies for Success. AAHPERD National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 24, 2013.

Hide, T., Wughalter, E.H., Kao, J.C., & Adams, K.J.  Effects of Mouth Guard Condition and Movement Complexity on Simple Reaction Time.  Poster presentation at the 12th Measurement and Evaluation Symposium:  Approaches in Measuring and Assessing Physical Activity with AAHPERD Boston, MA on March 13, 2012.

Wughalter, E.H.  Panelist: Strategies for Inclusive Excellence in the Classroom and the Curriculum.  Presentation at the NAKPEHE National Conference in San Diego, CA on January 5, 2012.


Undergraduate/Graduate Student Research Supervision

Ford, S. (in progress).  Contextual interference effects on learning a continuous task.

Rogers, S.  (in progress).  Plan B Project: Development and concurrent validity of a piano redesign held in the hands.

Sobramanian, S.  (in progress).  Design and evaluation of an e-reader interface operated by brain muscular control.

Wendt, J. (2014).  Plan B Project: Expertise and point-of-intercept on visuomotor delay and temporal accuracy in a virtual motion task.

Dhaldi, S.  (2013).  Plan B Project:  Perceptions of San Francisco Giants’ fans on the transition of the Oakland A’s to the Silicon Valley.

James, C. (2013).  Plan B Project: L3 Anterior vertebral body fracture in a collegiate male Gymnast.

Cai, S.  (2013).  Plan B Project: Can human powered generators be the next green energy?

Rickord, A.  (2012).  Plan B Project: Early childhood fundamental motor skills manual.

Powell, M. (2012).  Plan B Project: Sensitivity and specificity of the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2.

Dykema, L.  (2012).  Plan B Project: Removal of a football helmet and shoulder pads: an instructional video.

Greenhaw, A.  (2012).  Plan B Project: Concussion management self-efficacy by California Interscholastic Federation Officials and California High School Certified Athletic Trainers.

Starnes, R. (2011).  Plan B Project: A new conservative treatment model forlumbar disc herniation.

Hide, T. (2011).  Effects of a mouth guard and task difficulty on simple reaction time.

Starr, J. (2010).  Plan B Project:  Effects of Wii™ on balance training of college aged individuals.

Pogue, M.G. (2010).  Plan B Project:  A review of evidence based research on instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization tools.


Professional Affiliations

SHAPE America, formerly American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education

North American Society for the Study of Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity

Western Society for Physical Education College Women

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

Women’s Sports Foundation

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