KIN 001: Adapted Physical Activities
KIN 002A: Beginning Swimming
KIN 002B: Intermediate Swimming
KIN 002C: Advanced Swimming
KIN 008: Skin and SCUBA Diving
KIN 009A: Beginning Sailing
KIN 010A: Beginning Kayaking
KIN 011A: Beginning Rowing
KIN 013A: Beginning Rugby
KIN 014A: Beginning Volleyball
KIN 014B: Intermediate Volleyball
KIN 014C: Advanced Volleyball
KIN 015A: Beginning Basketball
KIN 015B: Intermediate Basketball
KIN 018A: Beginning Handball
KIN 019A: Beginning Soccer
KIN 020A: Beginning Badminton
KIN 020B: Intermediate Badminton
KIN 020C: Advanced Badminton
KIN 021A: Beginning Tennis
KIN 021B: Intermediate Tennis
KIN 021C: Advanced Tennis
KIN 022A: Beginning Racquetball
KIN 022B: Intermediate Racquetball
KIN 023A: Beginning Archery
KIN 023B: Intermediate Archery
KIN 024A: Beginning Bowling
KIN 024B: Intermediate Bowling
KIN 024C: Advanced Bowling
KIN 025A: Beginning Golf
KIN 025B: Intermediate Golf
KIN 025C: Advanced Golf
KIN 027A: Beginning Table Tennis
KIN 027B: Intermediate Table Tennis
KIN 028A: Beginning Gymnastics
KIN 029: Cardio Kickboxing
KIN 030: Pilates
KIN 031: Body Sculpting
KIN 032: Aerobics
KIN 033: Advanced Aerobic Activities
KIN 034: Step Training
KIN 035A: Beginning Weight Training
KIN 035B: Intermediate Weight Training
KIN 035C: Advanced Weight Training
KIN 037: Fitness Walking
KIN 038: Beginning Jogging
KIN 040A: Topics in Modern Dance I
KIN 041A: Topics in Ballet I
KIN 042A: Topics in Jazz Dance I
KIN 045A: Beginning Lindy Hop and Night Club Swing
KIN 046A: Beginning Social Dance
KIN 046B: Intermediate Social Dance
KIN 047A: Beginning West Coast Swing
KIN 048A: Beginning Latin Dance
KIN 048B: Intermediate Latin Dance
KIN 049A: Topics in Tap Dance I
KIN 049B: Topics in Tap Dance II
KIN 050: Tai Chi (Non-Combative)
KIN 051A: Beginning Aikido
KIN 051B: Intermediate Aikido
KIN 052A: Beginning Judo
KIN 052B: Intermediate Judo
KIN 052C: Competitive Judo
KIN 053A: Beginning Karate
KIN 053B: Intermediate Karate
KIN 054A: Beginning Tae Kwon Do
KIN 054B: Intermediate Tae Kwon Do
KIN 055A: Beginning Self-Defense
KIN 061A: Beginning Hatha Yoga
KIN 061B: Intermediate Hatha Yoga
KIN 062A: Beginning Ice Skating
KIN 063A: Beginning Hiking and Backpacking
KIN 063B: Intermediate Hiking and Backpacking
KIN 064A: Beginning Mountaineering
KIN 065A: Beginning Ice Hockey
KIN 066: Fit for Life!
KIN 068: Visual Representations of Sport in Popular Culture
KIN 069: Stress Management: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
KIN 070: Introduction to Kinesiology
KIN 080: Individual Movement Studies
KIN 100W: Writing Workshop
KIN 101: Sport in America
KIN 105: Water Safety Instructor's Course
KIN 106: Advanced SCUBA and Aquatic Technology
KIN 107: Adapted Aquatics
KIN 111: Sport & Movement in a Global Context
KIN 111ITL: Sport & Movement in a Global Context: International Experience
KIN 145A: Physical Activity for Older Adults
KIN 145B: Physical Activity for Older Adults
KIN 147: Biomechanical Assessment of Movement
KIN 149: Child Health and Physical Activity
KIN 151: Sports and Fitness Marketing
KIN 152: Theory of Sport and Fitness Management
KIN 153: Sport Facility and Event Management
KIN 154A: Instrumentation in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics
KIN 154B: ECG Interpretations and Graded Exercise Testing
KIN 155: Exercise Physiology
KIN 156: Introduction to Adapted Physical Activity
KIN 157: Physiological Assessment
KIN 158: Biomechanics
KIN 159: Sport and Adapted Activities
KIN 160: History of Sport and Physical Education
KIN 161: Philosophical Perspectives of Sport
KIN 162: Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription
KIN 163: Physical Fitness and Nutrition
KIN 164: Sociocultural Perspectives
KIN 165: Motor Development
KIN 166: Motor Learning
KIN 167: Sports Psychology
KIN 168: Psychology of Coaching
KIN 169: Diversity, Stress and Health
KIN 170B: Field Experience-Teaching
KIN 170C: Fieldwork in Adapted Physical Activity
KIN 170D: Fieldwork in Sport Management
KIN 170E: Field Experience Coaching on Campus
KIN 170F: Field Experience Coaching off Campus
KIN 170G: Field Experience Activity Programs on Campus
KIN 170H: Field Experience Skin and SCUBA Diving on Campus
KIN 171A: Non Traditional Game and Sport Activities
KIN 172: Elementary School Programs, K-6
KIN 173: Intro to Teaching PE & Non-trad Sports
KIN 174: Assessment of Psychomotor Function
KIN 175: Measurement and Evaluation in Kinesiology
KIN 177: Movement Experiences for Children
KIN 178: Management Practices for Physical Education Teachers
KIN 179: Design and Assessment of Movement Experiences
KIN 180: Independent Study
KIN 180C: Individual Studies: Coaching
KIN 184: Directed Reading
KIN 185: Senior Seminar
KIN 185H: Senior Seminar - Honors
KIN 186: Pharmacology in Sports Medicine
KIN 187: Clinical Exercise Physiology
KIN 188: Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
KIN 189: Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries Laboratory
KIN 191A: Advanced Assessment of Lower Extremity Injuries
KIN 191B: Advanced Assessment of Upper Extremity Injuries
KIN 193: Organization & Administration in Athletic Training
KIN 194: Therapeutic Exercise
KIN 195: Therapeutic Modalities
KIN 197A: Practicum in Athletic Training I
KIN 197B: Practicum in Athletic Training II
KIN 197C: Practicum in Athletic Training III
KIN 197D: Practicum in Athletic Training IV
KIN 198: Internship in Kinesiology
KIN 250: Fundamentals of Quantitative Research
KIN 251: Fundamentals of Qualitative Research
KIN 255: Advanced Exercise Physiology
KIN 256: Environmental Exercise Physiology
KIN 257: Biomechanics
KIN 258: Adapted Physical Activity
KIN 259: Advanced Internship in Adapted Physical Activity
KIN 260: Philosophy of Sport and Embodiment
KIN 261: Historical Interpretations of Sport and Physical Education
KIN 263: International Sport and Physical Education
KIN 264: Sport Sociology
KIN 265: Advanced Motor Development
KIN 266: Principles and Concepts of Perceptual Motor Learning
KIN 267: Advanced Sport Psychology
KIN 268: Evidence Based Research and Practice in Management and Assessment of Injuries to Lower Extremities
KIN 269: Evidence Based Research and Practice in the Mgmt and Assessment of Injuries to the Upper Extremity
KIN 271: Advanced Topics in Athletic Training
KIN 272: Evidence Based Research in the Practice of Therapeutic Exercise
KIN 273: Evidence Based Research in the Practice of Therapeutic Modalities
KIN 280: Advanced Fieldwork in Sport Management
KIN 281: Legal and Ethical Aspects of Sport
KIN 282: Marketing and Social Aspects of Sport
KIN 283: Management, Leadership and Communication in Sport
KIN 284: Financial Aspects of Sport
KIN 285: Internship in Kinesiology
KIN 286: Independent Study
KIN 289: Master of Arts Seminar in Kinesiology
KIN 292A: Leadership and Administration in Athletic Training
KIN 292B: Seminar in Sports Medicine II
KIN 293A: Fieldwork in Athletic Training I
KIN 293B: Fieldwork in Athletic Training II
KIN 293C: Fieldwork in Athletic Training III
KIN 293D: Fieldwork in Athletic Training IV
KIN 298: Special Studies
KIN 299: Master's Thesis or Project

Kinesiology Teacher Education

KNED 184I: Student Teaching for Kinesiology Individualized Interns
KNED 184Y: Student Teaching II: Classroom Teaching
KNED 184Z: Student Teaching III - Classroom Teaching
KNED 339: Instructional Materials and Procedures in Physical Education 


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