Department of Kinesiology Graduation Paperwork Deadlines (scroll down for forms)

**Please send all completed forms to Victoria Wilson,


For Spring 2021 Graduation:

Complete Graduation Dept. Major Form & University Graduation Application*

Completed major forms (approved and signed by advisor)

Deadline: Due to KIN Dept. (SPX 102), by 2/18/2020, 4:30pm

Note: This is earlier than the university deadline.

Send signed forms to Victoria Wilson, 

For Fall 2021 Graduation and moving forward:

FA21 Graduates and forward will only complete the online graduation process completed on

Deadline: See CHHS / SJSU deadlines.

University Forms

For all university-level forms, go to Registrar Forms.


Program Handbooks


2020-2021 - current

2018 - 2019 

2017 - 2018 

2016 - 2017

2015 - 2016

2014 - 2015

2012 - 2013

2011 - 2012

2010 - 2011 


2015 - 2018 - current 









Advising Forms


Change of Major Requirements - Only accepted in January & June

 If you have any questions regarding change of Major, contact Victoria Wilson.


Department Forms

Course Articulation Review Form [pdf]

Student Information Sheet [pdf]

Undeclared or Change of Major Form [pdf]


Graduate Forms

Course Substitution Form [pdf]

Change of Classification Form [pdf]

Graduate Assistantship Application Form [pdf]

Graduate Assistantship "Area of Expertise" [pdf]

KIN 286 Independent Study Form (On Campus)[pdf]

KIN 286 Independent Study Form (Off Campus) Form [pdf]

KIN 298 Request for Individual Study - Project Form [pdf]

KIN 299 Request for Individual Study - Thesis Form [pdf]

KIN 298 Abstract Form [pdf]

Independent Study Forms

KIN 80 Individual Movement Studies [pdf]

KIN 180 Syllabus [pdf]

KIN 180 Independent Study (On Campus) Registration Form [pdf]

KIN 180 Independent Study (Off Campus) Registration Form [pdf]


Minor Form

Kinesiology Minor Form [pdf]

Service Learning Forms

APE Off Campus Hours Form (170C) & PE (172, 178, 179) [pdf]

PETE Student Graduation Road Map

Service Learning Form (Off Campus) [pdf]

Undergraduate Major Forms - Current 

Instructions to Complete Major Form [pdf] 

Athletic Training Major Form [pdf]

Exercise & Fitness Specialist Major Form [pdf]

Individualized Studies Major Form [pdf]

Inclusive Physical Activity Major Form [pdf]

Preparation For Teaching Major Form [pdf]

Rehabilitation Science Major Form [pdf]

Sport Management & Culture Major Form [pdf]

Transfer Curriculum Major Form [pdf]

Undergraduate Major Forms (2010-2014 Curriculum)

Adapted Physical Activity Major Form [pdf]

Athletic Training Major Form [pdf]

Exercise Fitness Major Form [pdf]

Individualized Studies Major Form [pdf]

Movement Science Major Form [pdf]

Pre-Professional Major Form [pdf]

Societal Studies Major Form [pdf]

Sport Management Major Form [pdf]

Teaching APE Major Form [pdf]

Teaching K-12 Major Form [pdf]

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