International Experience


In common with other departments in CHaHS, all undergraduate freshman students entering the Department of Kinesiology from fall 2016 onward (and subsequent transfer students with the same, or later, date catalogue rights) will be required to participate in an international learning experience prior to graduation. 

Explore the World

The goal is to gain first-hand, cross-cultural and cross-national knowledge and insights into global political, social, cultural and economic factors of the home and destination country, which helps to prepare students to live and work in an increasingly globalized world. To satisfy this international requirement, students must study abroad for at least 9 days in an approved program outside the United States, and for which the student receives academic credit. 

Requirements & Exemptions

Specific details of the many ways in which this requirement may be fulfilled, and possible financial assistance (scholarships and financial aid) can be found on the college website at

For more information on the many different ways in which this requirement can be met, please contact the KIN International Experience Coordinator, Dr. Shirley Reekie, at

Exemption from the study abroad portion of the requirement must be approved by the Dean of the College of Applied Sciences and Arts based on compelling individual life experiences or physical limitations. A relevant cross-cultural experience in the U.S. will be substituted.


International Experience Advising

If you are unsure whether the requirement applies to you, need help selecting a program, or have any other questions about the international experience, contact the CASA International Experience advisor Anthony Korsund at the CHaHS Student Success Center or your academic advisor.


International Students

If you are an international student, you can meet the requirement through a modification. See Modification for Students with Prior International Experience below. 

Click here for Modification Petition

Programs that Satisfy the International Experience Requirement


Modifications and Alternatives for the International Experience Requirement

There are several options for students who need a modification or alternative to the study abroad portion of the international experience requirement. All require submission of a petition/proposal that must be approved by the Dean of the college. Students whose petitions/proposals are approved must also enroll in and complete APSC 198ITL, a 1-unit online seminar course. Click below for more information and links to the appropriate forms.


If you have general questions regarding the petitions, please contact Erika Vazques at