Athletic Training Concentration

Welcome to the Graduate Athletic Training Program!

The graduate athletic training education program at San Jose State University, sponsored by the Department of Kinesiology, offers the opportunity to combine 12 semester hours of graduate courses in athletic training while pursuing a Master of Arts degree. Academic preparation which focuses on critical thinking skills in athletic training is supplemented with practical experience to prepare students to assume major responsibilities and leadership roles within the athletic training profession.

Opportunities to gain experience with university and community college intercollegiate athletic programs, secondary school interscholastic settings, and/or sports medicine physical therapy clinics exits for students matriculating in the San Jose State University GATEP.

In addition, GATEP students may participate in the education of students in the CAATE accredited UGATEP. Area physicians and allied health professionals complement the graduate faculty as they contribute to the educational process by presenting guest lectures, providing clinical instruction, and facilitating opportunities for observation of orthopedic surgery for the students.


The mission of the Graduate Athletic Training Program is to enhance the mastery of athletic training discipline through sound theoretical and research bases, as well as diversity of thought and experiences. The Graduate Athletic Training Education Program seeks to:

  • Develop critical and independent thinkers
  • Facilitate and promote community interaction/aid in sports medicine
  • Foster scholarly and research activities
  • Develop exemplary athletic training professionals
  • Enhance and augment athletic training skills through evidence based exploration



All of the graduate athletic training courses (in sequence) contain:

  • The intent of the curriculum is to facilitate critical thinkers through evidence based medicine, hands-on laboratory activities.
  • Many guest lecturers are incorporated into the courses for several reasons:
    • to provide content experts who often have the latest information and "gadgets",
    • to have ATCs who understand the perspectives of different health care providers so that as the center of the health care they can better communicate with these individuals, and are exposed to health care providers from different types of facilities
    • and to cultivate relationships with the guest lecturers serves to increase our visibility in the community, as well as address our stated area of specialty in communication and leadership.
  • The GATEP is a holistic approach to athletic training, which encompasses looking at the body as kinetic chain not simply individual injuries. In addition the human factor of communication and psyche is a key component of our specialty area: communication and leadership.

Careers & Alumni

Our alumni have advanced their professional careers around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. They currently hold athletic training positions with San Jose Earthquakes, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, Stanford University, Academy of Art, San Francisco State University, and other local colleges and high schools. Outside of the Bay Area, we have alumni located around the United States from Massachusetts to Hawaii, including our Department of Kinesiology's 2010 Distinguished Alumni, Ariko Iso (Former Athletic Trainer for the Pittsburg Steelers and currently at Oregon State University). Our clinical sites and alumni provide a unique networking experience helping our graduates obtain desirable positions following their education.

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