Activity Program

Flow & Focus

Life in Movement

The Department of Kinesiology at San Jose State University is proud to have the most comprehensive and robust activity program among California universities. We offer over 60 types and levels of classes on exercise, physical activities, martial arts, dance, aerobics,
and sports to meet the needs of 10,000 SJSU students per academic year. Our Activity Faculty include national and international experts led by Dr. Gong Chen, Activity Coordinator.

Holistic Wellness

Fitness for Life

The activity program teaches students, staff, and faculty fitness principles, health and wellness, longevity best practices, active lifestyles, and safety across the lifespan.

Energy & Exercise

Move with Purpose

Body Sculpting is just one of the many types of physical activity classes offered to students, staff, and faculty. Add fitness to your daily routine and reap the psychophysiological and psychosocial benefits.

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We welcome your comments regarding the activity program and/or the benefits you associate with physical activity. Link to Survey. Click here for a Survey Data Synopsis.

Benefits of Physical Activity

Useful information can be found on the varied benefits of physical activity across the lifespan and related health and wellness topics by reading our Physical Activity Information Handbook [pdf].


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