Class Policies

Student Policies and Procedures for Physical Activity Classes

The faculty of the Department of Kinesiology (KIN) hope that you will find your experience in Kinesiology classes valuable in developing and maintaining a repertoire of fitness and leisure time skills, in helping you grow as a totally educated person, and in understanding the guidelines for physical fitness throughout your life span. Moreover, it is hoped that your experiences will be enjoyable.

Requirements and Credit

Every student must complete two different physical education activity courses to meet the university graduation requirement. No course may be repeated for credit. However, a course may be repeated for no credit with the instructor's permission. Repeated courses can not be accessed through online registration and you must have an add permit code to enroll in the repeated course. Activity classes taken in addition to the two unit requirement are accepted as electives.

Health and Accident Considerations

The necessary physiological condition and fitness, and health insurance needs for each class, are the responsibility of the student. All students are expected to abide by the established safety regulations and to immediately report, to the instructor, the occurrence of any accidents. Students with severe physical restrictions may obtain appropriate information relative to meeting the physical education graduation requirement from the Kinesiology office. While rigorous physical exercise has many benefits, it also presents potential hazards for certain groups of individuals. These include PERSONS OF ANY AGE who:

  1. are sedentary;
  2. have known heart or blood vessel disease, including high blood pressure;
  3. have high risk of heart disease (major risk factors include smoking, diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, heredity, and high blood pressure).

In addition, risk is greater for persons in the above categories who are 40 years of age or older. It is recommended that individuals in the above categories have a complete medical examination, including an exercise electrocardiogram (stress EKG), prior to participation in classes involving vigorous activity. Individuals who choose not to have a medical examination should be aware of the potential risks and hazards of vigorous physical activity to themselves. Participation in KIN classes is at your own risk. Since SJSU does not insure students, students are encouraged to obtain their own accident and medical emergency insurance.

Electing Classes and Ability Levels

All classes are open to matriculated students who enroll for credit and more than one class may be taken during a semester. After regular students have enrolled, open university and auditors may enroll on a space available basis, with the instructor's permission. Students should enroll in sections commensurate with their health and ability level. A beginning class, or equivalent, is prerequisite to an intermediate level class; an intermediate class or equivalent, is prerequisite to an advanced class. Instructors may screen for ability level and request inappropriately enrolled students to drop.

Add-Drop Policy 

Physical education classes require the same commitment as any other class. University procedures for adding and dropping will be followed. 

Off-Campus or Out-of-Doors Activity Classes 

The first class meeting of off-campus or out-of-doors classes will be held in the Spartan Complex buildings. First class meeting locations are posted outside the Kinesiology Department Office. At the first class meeting, directions will be given as to where to meet thereafter. Outdoor classes are expected to meet even during stormy weather. Alternate class meeting locations will be identified in the instructor's course green sheet. Additional notices will be posted on the doors of the men's and women's locker rooms.

Classes Held in the Event Center

All students are required to present their student I.D., Tower Card, to the front desk staff to enter the Event Center for a class. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Dress and Equipment

Students are expected to wear clothing and footwear appropriate to the rigors and safety of the activities in which they engage. Class instructors will designate basic requirements. Many students provide their own equipment such as rackets. Where department equipment is issued, the student is held responsible for non-accidental breakage or loss.

Locker Room Availability Options

There are two locker room use options available to students during the academic year. These options are:

  1. DESIGNATED DAY-USE LOCKER AREA is available from 7:15 AM to 3:45 PM, Monday-Friday (no towel issue). Locks (no key locks) and belongings must be removed by 3:45 PM each day. Items left in locker will be discarded, NO EXCUSES.
  2. PERMANENT LOCKER USE WITH TOWEL EXCHANGE is available on a semester fee basis. The fee is $10 a semester. See locker room attendant for details.

Student Evaluation

Active participation is essential to ensure maximum benefit for all members of the class. Lack of participation means fewer opportunities to practice that may result in a lower grade. If a chronic illness develops or an accident occurs which requires extended absence, the student should report to the student Health Services for a medical statement and withdraw from the class. There are no excused absences, except for the official excuse from the office of the Dean of Students (usually for off-campus events). In the latter case, the student is responsible for making arrangements (in advance) with the instructor of the class. Students can expect to be evaluated on all material presented during the class. Written tests, skill tests, and class assignments appropriate to the basic grading system of the University (A,B,C,D,F and Credit/No Credit). An incomplete may be assigned according to the policy published in the University bulletin.

Gymnasium Rules

Please remember that this is a classroom, and respect the facility and treat it as though it were any professional health club. Thank you for your compliance with the following Kinesiology Department gymnasium rules.

  1. Wear proper workout apparel and sport shoes for class.
  2. Students are encouraged to place their personal belongings in lockers in the locker room.
  3. No dark soled athletic shoes that make marks on the floor are permitted.
  4. No food or drink, other than water, in the gym. Absolutely NO glass containers are allowed.
  5. No chewing gum in the gym.
  6. Be respectful of others and turn your cell phone off before entering the gym.
  7. No tape of any kind on the floors or walls.
  8. Help the instructor put all equipment away after class.
  9. No skateboards, bikes, rollers, or wheels in the gym.
  10. No horse play in the gym.
  11. Take your trash out (newspapers, empty bottles, and other waste).
  12. Follow the specific rules in your class.


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