Physical Education Requirements

Graduation Requirement - Physical Education (PE)

It is important that all students admitted to SJSU, regardless of major, have an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in physical activities. To accommodate the needs and interests of SJSU students, the Department of Kinesiology offers a diverse selection of activity courses which have the following goals:

  • To provide a fundamental understanding of the influence physical activity has on physical and mental well-being;
  • To promote development of a repertoire of skills for constructive leisure activity and a physically active lifestyle important to maintaining health;
  • To provide an understanding of the guidelines for developing and maintaining physical fitness throughout the lifespan;
  • To provide exposure to a variety of lifetime fitness activities and sports; and
  • To enhance the student's liberal arts education and develop a well-rounded individual.

All undergraduate students who matriculate at SJSU, except those majors that are exempt as listed under Major Exemptions, are required to complete two units of physical education from Kinesiology/Dance activity courses (University Policy S14-11).

Two distinct activity courses or a single activity course of two or more units may be used to satisfy the PE requirement.

One units of Intercollegiate Athletics may be used to satisfy the PE requirement.

Veterans who have completed at least one year of active duty in the armed services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard) have satisfied the physical education requirement.

Kinesiology activity courses at SJSU are not repeatable for credit.

To challenge a course that meets the requirement, students must consult the Department of Kinesiology at least one semester prior to graduation. 

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