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Thanks for your interest in the Department of Kinesiology at San José State University. We are here to guide and support you in your quest for knowledge, understanding, and practical skills. Our graduates excel in corporate, community and clinical exercise settings, and are well-trained and prepared for:

  • Graduate programs in the allied healthcare professions (PT, OT, Chiropractic, and Physician Assistants and more)
  • Doctoral programs in sport sociology, sport psychology, sport management, and exercise physiology;
  • Certification in athletic training and credentialing in physical education;
  • Careers in the sport industry through training in our sport management & culture programs.


Preparation & Focus

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Let's Get Moving!

These links are designed to acquaint you with the information and procedures pertinent to completing a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology, a Masters Degree in Kinesiology, a Minor in Kinesiology, and Activity and General Education Programs courses. Explore and find your path.



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Your Spartan Story

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Continue Your Journey 

Our department creates enriching academic experiences and environments for you to explore your academic and professional goals. We will help guide you along your unique path. We understand that each student has her or his own journey in life. 

Make Your Passion Your Profession

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Academic Exploration 

Our Revised Curriculum is designed to provide a contemporary understanding of key issues in Kinesiology and to prepare you for careers in the field or success in graduate school. A
key feature of our undergraduate major is the Internship Program that gives students opportunities to link theoretical “classroom” knowledge with “hands on” practical experiences  in their respective fields. Our faculty and students are engaged in collaborative and innovative research, and regularly publish and present their work at professional and academic conferences.


Leadership & Mentoring

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Teaching & Research 

We are 21 tenured and tenure-track faculty, 19 lecturers, 35+ activity instructors, and 4 staff. Our faculty hold certifications, licenses, master degrees, and doctoral degrees in various academic areas within the discipline of Kinesiology and the allied health professions. Our faculty are student-centered, professionally engaged, and help you succeed in your academic and professional endeavors.

Mind & Body 


Holistic Approaches

Our Activity Program provides over 60 physical activity courses that help students to fulfill the two unit SJSU physical education requirement, while teaching life-time fitness and activity skills. Develop your whole self.

Our General Education Program offers a range of classes in both the lower division and
upper division
 advanced GE (SJSU Studies) that expand your knowledge of movement, nutrition, sports culture, exercise fitness, global humanities, and health. Find deeper meaning in the world around us. 


Creative Spaces

Spartan Complex KIN SJSUCommunity

We provide many opportunities to connect with both your peers and professors. The relationships forged here will serve you well beyond your years at SJSU. Join our community of do-ers, creators, healers, leaders, and scholars. 



General Information


Tips for Success

  • Check for messages at mysjsu regularly. Notices from the university are posted there pertaining to your enrollment and progress to your degree.
  • Check the KIN bulletin boards in Spartan Complex weekly for announcements and/or academic deadlines.
  • Each semester (before enrollment period opens) meet with your Kinesiology academic advisor to review progress and plan next steps.
  • Get involved! Whether through Greek Life, an honor society, or a student club, you will find that having a network of friends in and outside the Kinesiology program is invaluable and that experiences outside of the classroom are as important as those in the classroom; develop peer groups; join student clubs; take part in intramurals; get engaged in student government
  • Make sure the department (provide to staff in main office) and the University (online through mysjsu) have your correct email address.
  • Meet with Counselors in the CHHS Student Success Center in MQH prior to admittance
  • Pre-Physical Therapy students should take Bio 65 with the cadaver lab as a prerequisite to graduate school
  • Take the Writing Skills Test (WST) as soon as possible after finishing English 1B or prior to transfer. See web site for information and test dates.
  • Transfer Students: Complete as many KIN core-course prerequisites as possible prior to applying to the department: KIN 70, Bio 65, Bio 66, Chem 30A or higher, Math Area B4 (stats preferred)
  • Utilize department and campus resources
  • Utilize professor office hours for your courses
  • Utilize the undergraduate Kinesiology program handbook and reference it frequently.

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