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We're here to support you in your quest for knowledge, understanding, and practical skills. This portion of the site provides links to the information and procedures needed to complete a Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology, a Master Degree in Kinesiology, a Minor in Kinesiology, and Activity and/or General Education Program requirements.

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 Undergraduate Tips for Success

  • Check for messages at mysjsu regularly. Notices from the university are posted there pertaining to your enrollment and progress to your degree.
  • Check the KIN bulletin boards in Spartan Complex weekly for announcements and/or academic deadlines.
  • Each semester (before enrollment period opens) meet with your Kinesiology academic advisor to review progress and plan next steps.
  • Make sure the department (provide to staff in main office) and the University (online throughmysjsu) have your correct email address.
  • Get involved! Whether through Greek Life, an honor society, or a student club, you will find that having a network of friends in and outside the Kinesiology program is invaluable and that experiences outside of the classroom are as important as those in the classroom; develop peer groups; join student clubs; take part in intramurals; get engaged in student government
  • Take the Writing Skills Test (WST) as soon as possible after finishing English 1B. See web site for information and test dates.
  • Utilize department and campus resources
  • Utilize professor office hours for your courses; develop study groups
  • Utilize the undergraduate Kinesiology program handbook and reference it frequently.

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