Abby Perez

Abby PerezMS Counseling, Student Affairs and College Counseling with PPS Credential

California State University, Fresno






What's your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is being able to guide students and help them achieve their goals. I love being able to meet new people and interact with students, which is why I decided to pursue a career in higher education.

What advice do you have for SJSU Spartan Undergraduates?

Get involved on campus, ask questions, and never be afraid to try something new. As a college student, there are so many resources and support systems available to you (for FREE!) so definitely take advantage of the services offered to you as a Spartan. Also, look out for events that will get you involved on campus and take on new opportunities, even if they seem intimidating at first. In the past, opportunities arose that really intimidated me and I honestly wanted to stay within my comfort zone. I was comfortable where I was at and did not feel the need for change. Very soon I realized that growth doesn’t happen when a person is comfortable, it happens when they are UNCOMFORTABLE, and it continues to happen until the person is not intimidated anymore. Always seek opportunities that will make you grow, learn, and succeed. Above all, make the most of your college experience!

What’s the most unusual job you've ever had?

The most unusual job I ever had was working for a company where my only job responsibility was shredding papers all day. It was an easy job, but hard to expand that skillset on my resume.

What's the best class you've ever taken?

The best class I ever took as a graduate student was Education Administration. This course was very insightful as it developed my knowledge and skills related to management within educational organizations.

The best class I ever took as an undergraduate student was a 1-unit hip hop course during my last semester. Throughout the semester, the class learned a routine and had the chance to perform it at the Fresno Fair. Amazing experience!

About me (likes and hobbies)
I love being adventurous! My favorite hobbies include traveling, bike riding, swimming, playing tennis, camping, cooking, dancing, watching movies, and spending time with my loved ones.