Kaila Shivers

Kaila ShiversBA in Sociology and Anthropology, University of California Los Angeles
MA in Higher Education Leadership, University of San Diego


What is your approach to academic advising?

I understand that students may not always know what question they are trying to ask. Keeping an open mind allows me to work with them to provide support they may not have realized they needed. I also don't expect students to be an expert with all the university policies and procedures - that's my job! - but they are the expert when it comes to their needs and limitations. Advising is a team sport and I like to make sure students know we are in this together!

What's the best class you've ever taken? One of my favorite courses in undergrad was Ancient Egyptian Civilization. I petitioned to have it count as my Archeology requirement for my Anthropology major and got to live out my childhood dreams of being in The Mummy (1999)!

About me (likes and hobbies): I love Harry Potter, Pokemon Go, digital art, and animals of all shapes and sizes.