Digital Graduation Application Instructions

Step 1

Complete the following forms (e.g., Graduation Application, Major Course Summary, and Major Form). Please type in all your information  and print the form.

(Get  Adobe Acrobat Reader  to view/fill the application forms)

A. Graduation Application [pdf]

B. Major Course Summary [pdf]

C. Major Form (Please select your concentration and see # below for help):

# How to complete the Major Form:

* If you do not bring your minor form (foreign language, area studies, functional business track from), your application may be delayed. 

Step 2

If you need to change/declare your major/concentration:

Step 3

Email the forms you completed in Step 1 and Step 2 (if applicable) to the Jack Holland Student Success Center ( Our Administrative Coordinator will review your Graduation Application forms to make sure they are complete.  If your forms are complete, we will help you schedule a Paper Graduation Application appointment.