Have Applied

Step 1: Once you complete the Online Graduation Application Instructions you will receive a confirmation email from the Jack Holland Student Success Center within two weeks.  We’ll confirm we sent your graduation application to the Office of the Registrar for a final-review of all non-business major requirements.  

Step 2: Your graduation status on MyProgress will change from Eligible for Graduation to Applied for Graduation once you have completed Step 2 of the Online Grad App Instructions - this process is immediate.  

Step 3: Usually 2-3 months later, an email from your Graduation Evaluator will be sent to your preferred email address encouraging you to review your MyProgress Report now to confirm your outstanding requirements (Red Square).  We will use your MyProgress report to confer your degree, so review all your requirements carefully.  When you enroll in courses for your last semester, you should only see your pending requirements (Yellow Diamond) and completed requirements (Green Check Mark).   If you have any questions, meet with an Academic Advisor in the Jack Holland Student Success Center one semester before you graduate.

Your graduation status on MyProgress will change from Applied for Graduation to Needs to Finish Pending Work.

Step 4: Once your final grades are posted and academic standing is finalized for the term you applied to graduate, your graduation application will be in queue for final review to ensure you have met all your outstanding requirements.  The following are approximate times of your degree posting by the term you applied to graduate:

  • Fall graduation candidates, end of January
  • Spring graduation candidates, mid-July
  • Summer graduation candidates, mid-September

Your graduation status on MyProgress will change from Needs to Finish Pending Work to Degree Awarded once your degree is conferred.  You may also check if your degree has been awarded via your unofficial transcript in MySJSU.  

Step 5: If you did not complete all your requirements for the term you applied to graduate, you will receive a Hold Letter and you must submit a Graduation Date Change Form (PDF) with a $10 fee ASAP.  You must complete this form to update your graduation term and receive an enrollment appointment for the subsequent term.  Consult with an advisor in the Jack Holland Student Success Center for academic advice and approval.  Don’t delay!

For more information, please review the Office of the Registrar’s Graduation FAQ webpage.