Paper Graduation Application Instructions

Step 1: Complete the following forms (e.g., Graduation Application, Major Course Summary, and Major Form). Please type in all your information and print the form.

(Get Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/fill the application forms)

A. Graduation Application
B. Major Course Summary
C. Major Form (Please select your concentration and see # below for help):

# How to complete the Major Form:

* If you do not bring your minor form (foreign language, area studies, functional business track from), your application may be delayed. 

Step 2:  If you…

  1. need to change/declare our major/concentration, complete the:
  2. have transfer credit missing from your transfer credit report (MySJSU)
  3. have a minor, please visit your minor department and complete your Minor Form.

Step 3: Bring the forms you completed in Step 1 and Step 2 (if applicable) to the Jack Holland Student Success Center in BBC 008. Our front desk staff member will review your Graduation Application forms to make sure they are complete.  If your forms are complete, our Administrative Assistant will help you schedule a Paper Graduation Application appointment.