Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I see an Advisor in the Jack Holland Student Success Center (JHSSC)?

See a JHSSC Advisor for any of the following:

  • Receive assistance in creating an academic plan.
  • Obtain graduation requirements for each of the thirteen concentrations.
  • Learn which courses satisfy General Education (GE) requirements.
  • Get help being reinstated into the Lucas College of Business after academic disqualification.
  • Determine the equivalencies or substitutions for business courses taken at other colleges/universities.
  • Clarify the Lucas College of Business and/or the university's policies.
  • Answer any questions when turning in your graduation application.
  • In addition, a JHSSC Advisor can refer you to the right place if you have a question or problem and don't know where to turn.

What if I already have a Bachelor's Degree? How do I obtain a second baccalaureate degree in business?

  • As of fall 2008, San Jose State University no longer allows students who already earned a baccalaureate degree to apply for a second BS or BA degree. The only option at this point is to consider a graduate degree program (MA or MS) and prospective students should contact the department they are interested in directly for eligibility criteria.

What is the criterion for a double concentration (major) in business?

  • Beginning in spring 2010, students are no longer permitted to declare a double major in business. Students who are declared in a specific concentration in business cannot declare a second concentration. Students who are declared in a major outside of the Lucas College of Business, on rare occasion, may declare a business concentration as a second major if both majors can be completed in 140 units or less.

What are the requirements to MINOR in business?

Non-business majors who wish to minor in Business must fulfill the following requirements (effective as of fall 2005):

  • BUS 20N (Survey of Accounting)
  • BUS 160 (Fund. of Management and Organizational Behavior)
  • Three (3) additional business courses, one of which must be upper-division (100+ level).
  • In order to earn a business minor, a GPA in all courses combined must be 2.00 (C).
  • 12 Units in the minor must be separate and distinct from the requirements for the major.

For the following majors, please see a JHSSC Advisor before choosing courses to fulfill the minor:

  • Advertising
  • Aviation
  • Engineering
  • Industrial Technology
  • Public Relations

Does JHSSC keep student records on file?

JHSSC does not have the facilities to store student files. Therefore, JHSSC requests that each student maintain his/her own records. The records should include original transcripts/report cards and the G. E. transfer evaluation worksheet (if available).

JHSSC does store copies of major forms from graduation applications, but it is preferable if the student brings in their own copies of these forms when filing for a class substitution or equivalency.

Where can I check on course prerequisites?

Course prerequisites are listed in the San Jose State University Catalog, online at Course Pre-requisites. The hard-copy catalog is no longer in print.

With the onset of the automated course prerequisite check it is the students' responsibility to ensure that they have met the prerequisites prior to registration. In addition, if you have taken courses in another institution make sure to submit official transcripts to Records as soon as possible to update your file.

Should I enroll in Bus 10?

Although Bus 10 is not a requirement for the major, it is highly recommended for freshman. This course will introduce students to the many facets of business and give them direction towards their career specialization within business

This is a course that will contribute to the necessary 120 units required for graduation. Skipping this course could affect a student's class level which determines their day and time of registration. Transfer students are not required to take this course.

What is the requirement to change or declare Business as a major? How does one change the major?

For information regarding declaring or changing to a business major please visit this webpage

How do I establish graduating senior status? When should I apply for graduation?

Graduating senior standing is granted after a student files for graduation and the application has been processed through the Registrar’s Office. To file for graduation, students must have completed a minimum of 90 units and it must be reasonable that they will complete all requirements by their proposed date of graduation.

Business students file for graduation ONE semester prior to the term they plan to graduate. Visit our Graduation Application Process webpage

How many units are required for each registration class level? Does that include work-in-progress?

During the regular semesters (Fall and Spring) registration depends on class level: 1-29.5 units - Freshmen, 30-59.5 units – Sophomores, 60-89.5 units – Juniors, 90+ units– Seniors. This includes courses in-progress for the current semester at SJSU.



1 - 29.5


30 - 59.5


60 - 89.5




What is “Grade Forgiveness” and how many attempts do I get?

Under the Grade Forgiveness policy, undergraduate students who receive grades of "C-" or below are eligible to repeat courses taken at SJSU through Grade Forgiveness. Following completion of the course the second time, the first grade will no longer be included in the student's GPA and the second attempt will be the grade of record. The first grade will still show on the transcript, but will not be calculated.

Students repeating courses, with or without Grade Forgiveness, cannot pre-register for the course that's being repeated. The student must add the course at the beginning of the semester by getting a permission code from the instructor. Then, they must register by the add deadline of the session.

Students admitted to SJSU with 55 or fewer units are allowed up to 16 units of Grade Forgiveness. Upper division transfer students are allocated a maximum of 9 units.

What is the WST?

The WST is the "Writing Skills Test," a university requirement. A passing score on the WST is required before a student can register for any SJSU Studies course (Areas R,S,V and Z), including English 100WB or LLD 100WB or Comm 100W and PHIL/BUS3 186. Additionally, a passing score on the WST is a prerequisite to some upper-division Accounting, Marketing and MIS classes. Students should take the WST before they reach junior status. Junior-level transfer students are encouraged to take the WST before matriculating. English 2 is a prerequisite to taking the WST.

Students who fail the WST must take it again. If a student fails the WST a second time, he or she will be required to take either English 100A or LLD 100A. Upon successful completion of this class, then the students are eligible to take the 100W(B) class.