Learning Community

The Jack Holland Student Success Center serves as a hub of learning and a central resource for the academic, personal, professional success of LCoB students. A new initiative is underway to boost the participation and success of students through learning communities. Learning communities are high impact practices that assist in increasing the success of students through effective educational activities. The key goals of learning communities are to bring together a community of learners, mentors, and educators beyond the classroom to create a strong foundation for peer-to-peer support and participate in ongoing activities for shared learning objectives. Participants in the learning communities are guided by the following principles:

  • Diversity of Mind – The primary guiding principles of the learning communities are to create a welcoming learning environment and provide a positive educational experience for all students. Nurturing the academic rigor, social empowerment, appreciation, and collaboration are the primary goals of all participants in meeting the unique needs of learners.
  • Maximizing Learning Opportunities – The learning communities aim to provide students with enriching in- and out-of class experiences that strengthen their sense of community, collaboration, and innovation.
  • Giving Honest Feedback Early and Often – In order for the learning community to be successful, it is critical for students, mentors, and educators to provide timely, ongoing, and honest feedback about learning experience and expectations. 
  • How student success is measured? Student success does not lie in its formal structure of a learning community but the underlying values which foster a sense of belonging for learners, educators, and mentors and brings them together on shared learning goals and outcomes. Student success in learning communities is measured by the students’ successful class attendance, active participation in the learning communities, and meeting the expectations of the student learning outcomes.