Student Resources


Academic Advising & Retention Services (AARS)

  • Provides graduating seniors a senior card, advising for general education and undeclared students, students requiring remediation, International Students and those who are on probation or have been disqualified
  • Location: Student Services Center, below the 10th Street Garage at San Fernando
  • Telephone: 408-924-2129

Accessible Education Center

  • A comprehensive center that provides students with disabilities reasonable accommodations & services
  • Location: Administration Building, Room 110
  • Telephone: 408-924-6000


  • A resource used to assist prospective students and their families with SJSU’s admission process requirements
  • Location: Underneath the 10th street parking garage
  • Telephone: 408-283-7500

African American/Black Student Success Center

  • The AABSSC’s primary mission is retaining, empowering, and successfully graduating African-American/Black students at SJSU.
  • Location: Room #1360, Diaz Compean Student Union Complex
  • Telephone: 408-924-5105

Associated Students

  • Promotes educational, social and cultural activities for current SJSU Students
  • Location: A.S. House
  • Telephone: 408-924-6242


Bursar’s Office

  • Provides customer service and financial counseling in the collection and disbursement of funds for students
  • Location: Inside the Student Services Center (Underneath the 10th street parking garage)
  • Telephone: 408-924-1601
  • Email:


Career Center

  • Promotes the development of SJSU students as professionals by providing the tools to guide students in making career-planning decisions
  • Location: Administration Building, Room 154; Accessible Entrance: Rm 255
  • Telephone: 408-924-6031

Chicanx/Latinx Student Success Center

  • The CLSSC is a responsive and culturally relevant academic success center devoted to providing inclusive and welcoming community spaces that affirm students’ intersecting identities, validate their capabilities, develop their skills, and foster positive interactions and relationships.
  • Location: Room #1340, Diaz Compean Student Union Complex (across from Jamba Juice)
  • Telephone: 408-924-5102

Commencement Guide

  • A website that provides information regarding SJSU’s commencement ceremony
  • Location: Tower Hall 207
  • Telephone: 408-924-1177

Counseling & Psychological Services

  • Provides quality services to enhance students’ learning and address life crises by providing culturally inclusive mental health services and educational counseling
  • Location: Student Wellness Center, Room 300B
  • Telephone: 408-924-5910


Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

  • Provides quality educational financing options, while delivering consistent, equitable, and timely services to student aid applicants
  • Location: Student Services Center, below the 10th Street Garage at San Fernando
  • Telephone: 408-283-7500


Gender Equity Center

  • Strives to empower students and educate the campus on a multitude of issues facing society based on gender
  • Location: Student Union, 1st Level, Room 1650
  • Telephone: 408-924-6500


Health Services

  • Provides medical care to students at SJSU
  • Location: Student Health Center (SWC) across from the Event Center
  • Telephone: 408-924-6122


Information Technology Services (ITS)

  • Supports the campus network and student information system software and email
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 408-924-1530

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)

  • Offers in-person, email and phone advising daily for international students studying at SJSU
  • Location: Student Union – CIES
  • Telephone: 480-924-5920


Jack Holland Student Success Center (JHSSC)

  • Provides declared and intended Business majors general education and major advising, as well as free tutoring and career coaching
  • Location: Boccardo Business Complex, Room 008
  • Telephone: 408-924-3435


Lucas College of Business (LCoB) Student ORganizations

  • SJSU LCoB Clubs and Student Organizations

Learning Community


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Library

  • A public library, as well as the SJSU library, where individuals can rent books, self-study and use the computers and printing
  • Location: 150 East San Fernando Street
  • Telephone: 408-808-2100

Military & Veteran Student Services Office

  • One-stop resource that plays a primary role in serving the university’s growing community of veterans and military students
  • Location: Student Union Bldg. Room 1500
  • Telephone: 408-924-8129

MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center

  • Provides support services and advocacy for students from historically underrepresented identity groups, along with programming events for all students
  • Location: Student Union 1st floor
  • Telephone: 408-924-6255


Parking Services

  • Allows students to purchase parking permits for the SJSU parking garages
  • Location: Underneath the 7th street parking garage
  • Telephone: 408-924-6556

Peer Connections

  • Offers free mentoring and tutoring services to undergraduate SJSU students
  • Location: 4 locations: SSC 600, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Library LL67, CH 1st floor, & Living Learning Center
  • Telephone: 408-924-2587

PRIDE Center

  • Supports the LGBTIQQA students of SJSU
  • Location: Student Union, 1st level
  • Telephone: 408-924-6157

Print & Technology Center

  • A place where all SJSU students can print, copy, and fax, along with other services
  • Location: Student Union (2nd Floor)
  • Telephone: 408-924-6976



  • Serves and supports all students and staff with records and registration inquires
  • Location: Inside the Student Services Center (Underneath the 10th street parking garage)
  • Telephone: 408-283-7500


Spartan Bookstore

  • An on-campus, student store where SJSU students may purchase books and other school supplies
  • Location: Inside of the Student Union
  • Telephone: 408-924-1800

Spartan Recreation

  • An on-campus facility where students, can workout in the Sport Club, join a team with Club Sports, play games with your pals in Intramural Sports, sign up for a Fitness Class, or take a hike with Outdoor Adventure
  • Location: Sports Club (next to the Event Center)
  • Telephone: 408-924-6368

Student Involvement

  • Resource for Fraternity & Sorority Life, Student Organizations, Campus Programming & Leadership
  • Location: Student Union, Suite 1400
  • Telephone: 480-924-5950

Student Services Center

  • Location: Ninth and East San Fernando Streets
    San José, CA 95192-0016
  • Telephone: 408-283-7500

Study Abroad

  • Answers questions and offers guidance to students interested in Studying Abroad
  • Location: Student Union – CIES
  • Telephone: 408-924-5931


Testing Office

  • Testing and assessment department that provides a wide range of test-related services
  • Location: Industrial Studies Building 228
  • Telephone: 408-924-5980

Tower Card/Student ID

  • A resource where students can take their SJSU ID photo, as well as active ID cards
  • Location: Inside the Student Services Center
  • Telephone: 408-924-1654

Transportation Solutions Center

  • Helps connect SJSU students with public transportation solutions
  • Location: Student Union (East Wing)
  • Telephone: 408-924-7433


UndocuSpartan Student Resource Center

  • The USRC is invested in creating educational opportunities that will further the success of UndocuSpartans at SJSU by using a cross-cultural and social justice lens to provide holistic support and resources to undocumented students and the campus community
  • Location: Room #2450, Second Floor, Diaz Compean Student Union Complex
  • Telephone: 408-924-2762

University Police Department (UDP)

  • Responds to all calls or concerns regarding campus safety
  • Location: Underneath the 7th street parking garage
  • Telephone: Emergency Services 408-924-2222


Writing Center

  • Offers a variety of resources to help students become better writers
  • Location: Clark Hall, Suite 126
  • Telephone: 408-924-2308