A Guide to access Student Lingo

This guide will walk you through the steps to access and utilize a beneficial study app for all Student Spartans called Student Lingo. There are courses in this app that can help orient you to online learning.

  1. Search for one.sjsu.edu.
  2. Log in using your SJSUOne credentials.

SJSUOne dashboard that shows different apps available at one.sjsu.edu.

3. Use the Search bar feature.

You can directly enter the name “Student Lingo” and search with the help of the search bar. It is  the preferred option as well or you can just scroll down the window and find the app.

Click on the first tab highlighted in blue colour after searching student lingo.

4. Click on the student lingo app, which is appears in the search (highlighted in blue)

As soon as you click on the blue tab, it will connect you to another screen which will show the dashboard containing student lingo with the options to make the course as favourite or to start.

After getting this window on your PC, press the start button to begin the app.

5. Click on Start button on the right hand side of the app information page.

The student lingo app will open up, which has a registration table as well, for those who haven’t registered for the app. The people who have already registered can directly sign-in with their credentials.

Fill up your credentials, agree to the terms and conditions and click on register

6. After registering or signing in, the home page will open up.

The homepage of Student Lingo, which has many tutorials, can help you learn a specific topic.

Select courses from library or search specific courses via browse courses option.

7. You can search directly in the search bar.

For example, you want to learn something about math. Just write math in the search bar, and it will give you all the available courses related to math.

There are two courses available as of now hence, it is showing both of them.

8. Select any of the tutorials.

As soon as you click on the start button, the instructor gives an overview of the course. On the left side of the screen there are three blue tabs the first one is for Lessons, next is for transcripts and resources & finally, the last one is for notes. After starting the instructional video, the instructor will explain in detail about how to use the resources and transcripts as well as the notes.

Click on the “View Workshop Instructions” Tab for help with all the instructions.

9. Earn a Certificate of Completion.

After you complete the entire tutorial, complete the small quiz related to the tutorial. It can be very helpful for you to recognize the whole tutorial as a summary to be prepared for it.

Finally, after you successfully pass the quiz, you will get your certificate of completion, which can bolster your resume.

 This is the Certificate you get after completing one course.

10. After completion, you can either continue with another course or sign out of your account.

All of your progress about the tutorial appears on the homepage whether it is in progress or completed. It can show you the total number of courses you have already completed or if you have started one course but you left it in the middle it will show that it is in progress.

Image shows starting one course, and it is in progress.