Student Study and Workspace Resources

San Jose State University offers many classrooms in various buildings across campus, Peer Connections space, and library resources for student study and workspace purposes. Building locations are found on the campus map.

Classroom Resources (New for Fall 2021)

New for Fall 2021, SJSU has designated available classrooms for student study and workspace purposes. When these classrooms are not in use for teaching purposes, they are available for students to use. Students may use the classrooms for individual or group studying, attending online classes while on campus, and other student work activities.  All classrooms have wifi. Only a limited number of outlets are available in any classroom.

Please keep your voices low to be respectful of others in the room who are studying and attending online classes. Food may not be eaten in the classrooms.  Start cleaning up about 10 minutes before the end of the classroom availability because a class may be coming in to use the space. Please leave your study space clean, put the furniture back in order if you have moved it, and place all trash in the trash receptacles.

The table below summarizes the availability of these classroom spaces.  You may search the table by building, furniture type or day. No reservations are required. Just go to the room, set yourself up, and start your work.

Library Resources

The King Library offers many options for student study, including spaces for individual study, study groups, collaboration, presentation rehearsal and more. Visit the library website for the list of available resources at the library.

Peer Connections Study Space

Peer Connections, located in SSC 600, provides space for individual and group study Monday through Thursday - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  There is a print station available for student use.

Room Availability

(August 19 - December 6, 2021)

Times are displayed using the 24-hour clock for searchability. View a time conversion chart. [pdf]

Building and Room # Capacity Features Days Room Opens at Room Closes at
BBC 12631TablesMon7001700
BBC 12631TablesTue12302230
BBC 12631TablesWed7001700
BBC 12631TablesThu12302230
BBC 12631TablesFri7001700
BBC 20340TablesMon13001530
BBC 20340TablesTue13001530
BBC 20340TablesWed13001530
BBC 20340TablesThu13001530
BBC 20540TablesMon16301730
BBC 20540TablesTue14451730
BBC 20540TablesThu14451730
CL 11770Tablet Arm ChairsMon12301700
CL 11770Tablet Arm ChairsTue12301530
CL 11770Tablet Arm ChairsWed12301700
CL 11770Tablet Arm ChairsThu12301530
DMH 226A37Tablet Arm ChairsMon7002230
DMH 226A37Tablet Arm ChairsTue7002230
DMH 226A37Tablet Arm ChairsWed7002230
DMH 226A37Tablet Arm ChairsThu7002230
DMH 35543Tablet Arm ChairsMon7001330
DMH 35543Tablet Arm ChairsWed7001330
DH 24335Node ChairsMon11001830
DH 24335Node ChairsTue7001830
DH 24335Node ChairsWed11001530
DH 24335Node ChairsThu7001830
ENG 30140Fixed TablesMon7001730
ENG 30140Fixed TablesTue7001530
ENG 30140Fixed TablesWed7001730
ENG 30140Fixed TablesThu7001530
ENG 30340Fixed TablesMon7001015
ENG 30340Fixed TablesMon14002230
ENG 30340Fixed TablesTue7001530
ENG 30340Fixed TablesTue17452230
ENG 30340Fixed TablesWed7001715
ENG 30340Fixed TablesThu7001530
ENG 30340Fixed TablesThu17452230
ENG 32730Node ChairsMon7001200
ENG 32730Node ChairsMon16002230
ENG 32730Node ChairsTue7001630
ENG 32730Node ChairsWed7001200
ENG 32730Node ChairsWed16002230
ENG 32730Node ChairsThu7001530
ENG 32730Node ChairsFri7001700
HB 40736Node ChairsTue7001730
HB 40736Node ChairsThu7002230
HGH 12022TablesMon7001230
HGH 12022TablesMon15302230
HGH 12022TablesWed7001230
HGH 12022TablesWed15302230
HGH 21731Tablet Arm ChairsMon7001715
HGH 21731Tablet Arm ChairsTue7001715
HGH 21731Tablet Arm ChairsWed7001715
HGH 21731Tablet Arm ChairsThu7001715
HGH 21731Tablet Arm ChairsFri7001700
IS 21533Tablet Arm ChairsMon7001530
IS 21533Tablet Arm ChairsTue11301530
IS 21533Tablet Arm ChairsWed7001530
IS 21533Tablet Arm ChairsThu7001530
MH 22235TablesMon7002230
MH 22235TablesTue7002230
MH 22235TablesWed7002230
MH 22235TablesThu7002230
MH 22235TablesFri7001700
MH 23332Tablet Arm ChairsMon12301530
MH 23332Tablet Arm ChairsTue7002230
MH 23332Tablet Arm ChairsWed12302230
MH 23332Tablet Arm ChairsThu7002230
MH 23432Tablet Arm ChairsMon12302230
MH 23432Tablet Arm ChairsTue7002230
MH 23432Tablet Arm ChairsWed12302230
MH 23432Tablet Arm ChairsThu12302230
MH 23532Node ChairsMon7001330
MH 23532Node ChairsTue7001330
MH 23532Node ChairsWed7001330
MH 23532Node ChairsThu7001330
SH 34542Node ChairsMon12301730
SH 34542Node ChairsWed7001600
SH 34542Node ChairsThu7001530
SH 34542Node ChairsFri7001700
SH 41115TablesMon7002230
SH 41115TablesTue7002230
SH 41115TablesWed7002230
SH 41115TablesThu7002230
SH 41430TablesMon14452230
SH 41430TablesTue7001330
SH 41430TablesWed12302230
SH 41430TablesThu7001330