M.A. Linguistics

The M.A. Linguistics program provides students with an interdisciplinary education in the scientific study of language. Courses in general and computational linguistics serve students interested in cognitive linguistics, speech synthesis, machine speech recognition and language, and language variation and change. Upon graduation, graduates in linguistics offer a set of highly specialized skills to computer companies working in speech technology and artificial intelligence, and many pursue careers with companies specializing in these areas. A small but significant number of linguistics graduates enter Ph.D. programs for more advanced study. Other graduates pursue teaching careers in language and linguistics in domestic and overseas institutions. The department offers class scheduling to accommodate the needs of working students and small classes that promote faculty-student collaboration.

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available. Contact the main office or make an appointment with Dr. Roula Svorou

Requirements for the MA - Linguistics include those established by the department. For information concerning university requirements, see the Academic Requirements section of this catalog.

Students have the option of completing the MA - Linguistics under one of two plans:

Plan A (with Thesis)

Completion of 30 units (18 core units; 12 elective units; 1-6 units of 299 and electives). The thesis option allows a student to pursue research in an area of common interest to the student and a faculty member. A thesis proposal may grow out of a course or be developed in a LING 298, and must be approved by the student's Thesis Committee. LING 299 then serves as an opportunity to implement the thesis proposal. See Catalog for details.

Plan B (without Thesis)

Completion of 30 units (18 core units; 12 elective units); passing of a comprehensive examination. Students should consult with the advisor for elective course work selection.

Course Requirements: (18 units): Ling 113, Ling 114, Ling 201, Ling 202A, Ling 203 and Ling 213

Additional Courses: (12 units) four electives

More Information on the MA Linguistics

For more information please contact Dr. Julia Swan, Linguistics Coordinator, at  julia.swan@sjsu.edu