Plan A (with Thesis)

Completion of 30 units (27 core units; 3 units of 299). The thesis option allows a student to pursue research in an area of common interest to the student and a faculty member. A thesis proposal may grow out of a course or be developed in a LLD 298, and must be approved by the student's Thesis Committee. LLD 299 then serves as an opportunity to implement the thesis proposal. See Catalog for details. Please note that the thesis option is not guaranteed, and most of our students pursue Plan B. See the program's Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Plan B (without Thesis)

Students are required to complete a total of 30 units (27 core units; 3 electives units); in addition, students must pass a comprehensive examination.

See the list of electives for the TESOL M.A.

Course Requirements

Core Courses: 24 units

LLD 250W, LLD 260, LLD 261, LLD 270, LLD 271, LLD 280, LLD 282, LLD 283 and LLD 293

Please note that many of these courses pre-require Linguistics 101 and/or Ling 107. See the SJSU catalog for detailed information.

Additional Courses

Plan A (with Thesis): 3 units

LLD 299 (3)

Plan B (without Thesis): 3 units

One elective

Total Units: 30 units

A Note about Wait Lists

TESOL students should not use the online wait list at my.sjsu, and instead should call the LLD office (408-924-4413) to sign up for the wait list.

More Information on the MA TESOL

For more information please contact: Dr. Scott Phillabaum at scott.phillabaum@sjsu.edu (preferred) or 924-7095.